The Under-appreciated People in the Potted Plants Industry

Posted by Jason Wyrwicz on Jun 10th 2022

Every industry has its unsung heroes.

Think about everything it takes to build something like a large cruise ship, or an office building, or a massive commercial complex.

Or something equally as large: the taco salad.

Those things didn’t just happen overnight. Loads of ingenuity and labor went into their development and construction, and lots of people helped out with the boring behind-the-scenes work.

We’ll probably never hear their names; we just get to enjoy the rewards.

The potted plant industry is no different.

What would an office space or a patio look like with literally no plants around? What if nobody ever watered the shrubbery? There’s a massive supply chain behind those beautiful pots, planters, shrubs, succulents, and snake plants. Not to mention the ongoing maintenance that takes place daily and weekly to keep them looking their best.

Let’s shine the spotlight on the real MVPs who make it happen.

Senior Plant Soil Mixing Specialist

Fun fact: potting soil technically isn’t soil at all.

This is not an entry level job, folks. Only a “senior” specialist can do this right. It takes some skill to combine just the right amounts of “Canadian sphagnum peat moss, composted or aged bark, compost, earthworm castings, horticultural grade perlite, pumice or cinders and controlled-release fertilizer” (HowStuffWorks, 2022).

So here’s to you, Senior Plant Soil Mixing Specialist. Without your nose for compost and aged bark, we’d all be digging holes in our neighbor’s yard by the interstate to get the soil we need for our potted plants. And it wouldn’t even be that good.

Plant Soil Bag Stuffing Technician (Level II)

Hot on the heels of soil mixing, and fresh off that recent promotion from being a lowly level I technician, the Plant Soil Bag Stuffing Technician (Level II) deserves a hand.

You’ve got an eye for just the right amount of potting soil to stuff into each bag and a gigantic hopper filled with the freshest, richest, money-making soil this side of San Juan.

You notice when even a handful of tiny styrofoam pellets is missing, and you top off that bag with precision and grit. Every. Single. Time.

Pot and Planter Professionals

Some Pot and Planter suppliers really put the “pro” in professional.

They take their craft very seriously, and love helping their customers find the right planter for the right space.

They opt for the good stuff: no thin, plastic, beige and extra beige planters here. We’re talking beautiful, premium planters that won’t leach chemicals, warp in the sun, overheat your plants, weigh a thousand pounds, or worse…look cheap.

Pots, Planters & More even specializes in delivering high-quality, long-lasting, customizable planters in durable materials like aluminum and fiberglass.

That way, commercial spaces, offices, retailers, hoteliers, restaurants, and public organizations can get the look they want and not have to worry about some cheapo plastic planter breaking in 6 months.

Property Managers named Pam

Why are they always named Pam? I don’t know.

But even if you find a Linda or a Jeff out there, nothing can take away from any property manager’s on-the-ball-clipboard-in-hand-always-on-the-cellphone-gettin-it-done attitude.

Plants need watering?

PM’s got you covered.

Giant planter mishap? Soil everywhere?

The PM already knew about it, ordered a replacement, and had it delivered before the mishap even happened because it was on the clipboard before you even called.

The plants love em, too.

Facility and Property Maintenance Personnel

Ever wonder how all those plants stay looking fresh even though you never see anyone taking care of them?

Thank your maintenance team.

Misters, pitchers, soil gauges, clippers, and a little extra potting soil are the tools of their trade.

And when quitting time rolls around for everyone else, they’re just getting started.

Equipped with a handy watering and plant maintenance schedule – courtesy of Pam – their carts are always a welcome sight for parched plants across your facility.

Office Plant Care Volunteers

We’d be remiss if we didn’t give a shout out to your local office plant advocates.

Your plant is dying of thirst, but it can’t do anything about it!

It’s not technically their job to take care of the plants on your desk or the planters in your area, and yep, they might give you the occasional side eye when you “water” the office plants with coffee dregs, but they always have your (but mostly your plant’s) best interests in mind.

And they water your plants with a smile. Secretly, you’re glad they did.

Who’d we miss?

It’s a big circle. From soil selection to bag stuffing, and planter pros to property managers named Pam, it’s easy to see that making spaces look great with potted plants is no small feat.

If you can think of someone we missed, let us know, and in the meantime, check out our selection of planters that are sure to please all of the under-appreciated people in the potted plant industry.