The Grand Entrance: Large Rectangular Planters for Doorways and Walkways

Posted by Jason Wyrwicz on Oct 3rd 2023

It’s often been said that first impressions last. And like it or not, that apply in every sense of the saying—including doorways and walkways.

Now, while creating a remarkable path for your home may or may not be as critical as one for a café or restaurant, it’s always good to know that there are way out there to make your entryway more memorable.

There's something magical, after all, about the way someone welcomes you. And with something as simple as adding a couple of large rectangular planters on your walkway, you’ll be able to transform a plain entrance into something grand.

Curb Appeal Matters

While it may not be a familiar word for most people, curb appeal refers to the art of making a strong first impression.

Homeowners and business owners alike all want to be able to make their properties seem warm and inviting, and it’s this notion of curb appeal that actually gets the job done.

For one, large rectangular planters can act as the opening act of your homeowner show. Simple as they are, there are actually several tricks to them that you can use to capture your guests’ attention.

1. Using Symmetry to Your Advantage

Think of a well-planned entrance as a symphony of design elements working in harmony. Large rectangular planters, when used in pairs or multiples, create a sense of symmetry that's visually pleasing.

Imagine two substantial planters flanking a doorway, each bursting with vibrant blooms or elegant greenery. This symmetrical arrangement not only feels balanced but also exudes a sense of order and serenity, instantly appealing to the eye.

2. Anchoring the Space

Large rectangular planters have an anchoring effect, grounding the entrance and giving it a sense of permanence. Part of this grounding feeling comes from their size. There’s a certain gravity to using large planters over smaller ones.

It's similar to having your own security detail waiting at the door, ready to escort you down the red carpet. These large containers inherently carry a sense of stability, making your entrance feel secure and welcoming.

                    large planters over smaller ones

Welcome with Style: Large Rectangular Planter Materials

The choice of materials for your large rectangular planters can greatly influence the style and ambiance of your entrance. From traditional to modern, the options are diverse.

1. Wooden Elegance

There’s no denying that wooden planters have a distinct charm, evoking that rustic and classic aesthetic. They are particularly well-suited for traditional homes or spaces with warm, earthy tones. A pair of large wooden rectangular planters brimming with lush greenery can create a timeless and inviting entrance.

2. Contemporary Chic

Now if your personal style leans more towards the more modern and sleek look, metal planters are a perfect choice. Stainless steel or powder-coated aluminum large rectangular planters exude contemporary chic. Against architectural elements, their clean lines and metallic finish create a striking contrast, perfect for that modern look.

3. Fiberglass Finesse

Now, when it comes to creating an elegant and durable entrance, fiberglass large rectangular planters stand out as a superb choice. Able to blend style with practicality seamlessly, they’re definitely a highly-recommended option for homeowners and businesses alike.

For one thing, fiberglass is renowned for its exceptional durability. Unlike wooden planters, fiberglass does not succumb to rot, warping, or weather-related wear and tear. This means your entrance will maintain its charm and appeal year after year, regardless of the elements it faces. With minimal maintenance required, you can enjoy a beautiful entrance without the hassle of constant upkeep.

                       large planters over smaller ones

Creating Memorable Pathways

Now, finding ways to design and arrange these fiberglass planets around your entrance can be tricky—if you’re not careful. At best, your guests will be gasping and aweing at the grand entrance. At its worst, you might be remembered in the opposite way. Large rectangular planters can be strategically placed along these pathways to guide visitors and infuse charm.

1. The Flanking Effect

Have you ever walked through a path that was enclosed by a tunnel of vines and flowers? Flanking works in a similar way.

Flanking a walkway with large rectangular planters not only adds visual interest but also creates a sense of direction. They can be filled with low-maintenance shrubs or ornamental grasses for a graceful, low-key effect. On the other hand, you can also plant some tall and towering flora in them to bring out a grander and more imposing impression.

2. Pathway Punctuation

Large rectangular planters can punctuate a winding pathway. Placed intermittently along the walk, they become delightful surprises. Picture a pathway edged with planters, each with a different type of flowering plant or fragrant herb. It's like a guided tour of nature's beauty on your way to the entrance.


Designing for All Seasons: Versatility of Fiberglass Planters

Now, when it comes to durability throughout the year, fiberglass planters take the cake. Made to last throughout various scenarios and situations, these planters give you the breadth and bandwidth to really focus on the design and layout of your entrance.

1. Spring's Burst of Color

In spring, large rectangular planters can burst with color. Tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths can turn your entrance into a riot of blooms. What better way to celebrate new life and the new season than with flowers that make it impossible to walk past without a smile.

2. Summer's Cheer

When the sun grows scorching hot, you may want to consider filling your planters with some summer favorites like petunias, geraniums, or marigolds. Nothing makes an entrance feel more refreshing than vibrant and cheerful blooms.

3. Autumn's Elegance

When fall arrives, large rectangular planters can showcase the rich, warm tones of the season. Think mums, ornamental kale, and pansies.

3. Winter's Calm

Even in winter, large rectangular planters have a role to play. Evergreen shrubs like boxwood or holly can bring a touch of green to the entrance, providing a sense of life and continuity.

Maintenance Made Easy

Large rectangular planters are not just about beauty; they're also practical. They're designed for easy maintenance, ensuring that your entrance always looks its best. Most planters have built-in drainage systems to prevent waterlogging, and many are made from durable materials that can withstand the elements.

The Grand Invitation

Whether it's your home or a place of business, the welcoming atmosphere created by these planters is undeniable. So, the next time you approach a beautifully designed entrance, take a moment to appreciate the large rectangular planters that play a pivotal role in setting the stage. You might gain some inspiration.

Transform your entrance with large rectangular planters and let them be your silent ambassadors, extending a warm welcome to all who arrive.

If you’re looking to transform your entryway into one that will leave a lasting impression, visit our online store here at Pots Planters & More. Packed with various designs, you’re sure to find something that suits your home or business. Your entrance is more than a door; it's an invitation.