The 6 People Who Need a Self-Watering Planter, Like, Now

Posted by Jason Wyrwicz on Jul 29th 2022

It’s hard to find a person who doesn’t love a good plant. Plants bring life and light into our homes and offices. They add adventure to our outdoor spaces. Plants generally put people in a good mood.

Unfortunately, though, sometimes the Venn Diagram of people who love potted plants and people that should have them is just two separate circles.

But, never fear!

Because the solution to your plant-based woes can be found in our self-watering planters.

Built for versatile use in both indoor and outdoor spaces, these planters come in four neutral tones and a multitude of sizes. Our two signature designs, The Cambridge and the Clarendon, will compliment a subtle, down-to-earth decorating scheme—and more importantly, they’ll keep your plants alive.

Our self-watering planters work through their patented, multilayered system that takes away the headache of top-watering. In each of these planters you’ll find a tank that holds enough water to keep your plants not only surviving, but thriving, for two to three weeks.

In addition to the self-watering tank, you’ll find a moisture-wicking system that keeps your plant’s roots moist when it’s needed most.

We can’t get enough of these plant lifeguards.

And like you, we know quite a few people that should get familiar with our self-watering systems ASAP.

So, let’s have a look at these six plant-lovers who could have really used one of our self-watering planters about 10 brown and dying plants ago.

(And we’re sorry in advance if you feel seen.)

1) The “Purple Thumb”

It’s not that this person doesn’t really love plants—it’s just that they didn’t come pre-installed with planter’s genes. And that’s okay! Everyone has different talents in life. As it turns out, gardening isn’t one of yours.

The “Purple Thumb” is the opposite of the “Green Thumb”—instead of making plants bloom and grow, they have the tendency to make plants turn back into compost. This is great for your soil’s nutrition, but it’s a little disheartening in your goals for a greener life.

So, why not take the guesswork out of one part of the plant process, and see where you can improve your plant-survival skills?

2) The Person with the Mile-Long To-Do List

This person is a boss. They love to get things done. Their to-do list has grown to roughly the size of a pharmacy receipt with all of the things that they’re going to get accomplished by Thursday.

One problem, though—”water the plants” somehow didn’t quite make the cut.

If you have one million things to do—and who doesn’t these days, honestly?—you shouldn’t have to add plant maintenance to your list. Keep your plants on the relaxing side of life.

3) The “Space Cadet”

This plant-lover is loveable too, but they always seem to have their head in the clouds. It’s not their plants’ fault, of course, but these dreamers and doers easily get caught up in their latest creation or inspiration, or maybe they just remembered that they forgot to get milk from the store for the third time this week.

While you’re off pursuing your passions and living in your own head, let your plants flourish, too.

4) The One Who Loves Their Spouse, But Also Their Plants

Let’s be clear—this plant-lover loves their spouse, and the feeling is mutual. But part of love is knowing your partner’s strengths and weaknesses, and this person knows that their partner’s not quite as in-tune with the plant-watering schedule as you or the plants would probably like.

So pick and choose your battles, and save your annoyance for the 45th time that your spouse leaves their socks on the floor—three feet away from the laundry basket. But don’t bring the plants into this.

5) The Cubicle Gardener

There’s nothing like fresh fauna to liven up any office space! For the most discerning of office gardeners, though, it might mean relying on someone else’s help from time to time.

Work life has changed a lot over the past few years, and colleagues might be traveling between different cities, alternating between in-office work and WFH, or any number of other combinations.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like inter-colleague plant care was covered in the last team building exercises.

You’ve asked Janet from Accounting to check on your precious green babies while you’re out on time off, but you’re not quite sure that she’s got what it takes. So you’ve got to take matters into your own plants—erm, hands.

6) The Jetsetter

This plant parent is armed with a passport, and they’re not afraid to use it—even if it means leaving their precious plants behind. They’ve traveled far and wide to find the best plantspiration for their apartment from around the world. Each plant they’ve picked comes with a story of exploring and adventures!

But who wants to come back, set their suitcase down, and find their beloved plants withered and unloved after a longer stay away?

Your home is your sanctuary between your global travels, and your plants should make you happy to be home, not making you hold your breath as you come through the door.

If you’ve found yourself on the list, it’s okay to feel called out—but make sure that you take action at the same time!

We’re more than happy to give you a rundown of exactly how our self-watering planters work. We’ll show you how self-watering planters can not only save a few of the leafy-green souls in your life, but how they can save you money, too.

Give your plants a break, and ensure that they live a long and healthy life. We here at Pots Planters & More will show you how it’s done and set you up with top-grade planters to make it happen.