Team Shrub or Team Flower?: The Planter’s Dilemma

Posted by Jason Wyrwicz on Aug 5th 2022

Pick a planter, pick a side.

At Pots Planters & More, we’re all about finding the perfect planter to help you accent your space.

Whether it’s one single, perfect pot you’re looking for or an army of identical planters, we’ve got ‘em. If you can imagine a color, there’s a high probability that we’re able to put it on your planter.

We’ve been decorating not only your homes, but your businesses, from our little corner of the world in Skokie, Illinois, for the past 25 years.

After 25 years, we've seen hundreds of different combinations of color, shapes, and installations, some that you could never even imagine until you saw them.

We never say no to a challenge, and we’re always delighted to see your space coming together with our planters playing their role. We’re still surprised from time to time by some particularly out-of-the-box ideas!

But when it comes to filling your planters, there’s one thing we know for certain:

You’re either Team Shrub, or you’re Team Flower.

With the rare exception, we’ve found that most people tend to pick a side—they’re either all about combining our planters with shrubs, or they’re in love with finding the perfect flower to fill their planters.

We’re always available to help you pick out your ideal planter. But if you’re still on the fence about which team you’re on, we’re more than happy to help you out with that, too!

You belong on Team Shrub If…

  • You’ve got limited space or low-quality soil.

Planting shrubs in containers is an excellent way to spruce up your space—no matter what you’re working with.

Whether it’s a concrete or brick situation that makes it impossible to plant, or your shrub tastes don’t match your soil conditions, potted shrubs make for an awesome alternative. Shrubs are also great for people who want that “secret garden” feel, but who might not have a say in the landscaping of where they live.

  • You like your plants to work for you.

Nosy neighbors? Sun-soaked outdoor patio? Unsightly areas that need a little disguising? Shrubs are an ideal solution for someone who’s deadly-pragmatic.

Why buy a screen, after all, when you’ve got your very own potted shrub?

  • You want to make a big (indoor or outdoor) impact with a minimalist aesthetic.

Given the size and impressive shape of many shrubs, it’s easy to work with one shrub—and one planter—and to do more.

A single shrub can make a big difference in both indoor and outdoor spaces (when paired with the right planter, of course!) For the same reason, potted shrubs are also an excellent choice for those of us on a tighter budget.

  • You’re more of a “greenery” guy (or gal)

There are tons of options for flowering shrubs, but if that’s not your style, you definitely belong on Team Shrub. After all, you understand that less is more, and you believe in the power of a good “green”.

You belong on Team Flower If…

  • You like to really express yourself with your plants.

Your choice of flowers says a lot about you and your aesthetic. Whether you go for a soft, effeminate flower or something with a little more edge, you’ll certainly be making a statement with your planter. It’s also a great way to put the cherry (blossom) on top of a thematic space, no matter what the context.

  • You’re a fragrance fanatic.

Potted flowers have so much potential to work double-time, not only as an aesthetic element, but as a fragrant ambience-creator. Certain flowers can evoke emotions and memories that transport people to another time—or even another country!

  • You like to mix things up.

Whereas Team Shrub gives off more of a “one-and-done” vibe, you on Team Flower have the opportunity to go nuts! Depending on the size and shape of your planter, you might choose to plant a whole rainbow of flowers in your

  • You’re passionate about planting (or you have a little help).

It’s no secret that flowers need a lot of TLC—so if you’ve joined Team Flower, it means that you really love taking care of those blooming beauties. Between watering, weeding, and all of the minute details, potted flowers are normally preferred by those who have time to dedicate to them, or they have someone to help them take care of the necessary tasks.

  • You’re looking for a conversation piece.

Like it or not, everybody has an opinion on flowers—including, obviously, you!

If you’re opting for flowers in your planters, you’re not looking for flora to fade into the background. It’s a great opportunity to get to know about not only your tastes, but your guests' tastes, too. And because many people associate certain flowers with memories, you’re also bound to hear some wonderful stories. What’s better than that?

Planter Pairings We Love

No matter what you choose to put in your planter, you’re obviously going to want to make sure it’s a good match. Here are some of our personal picks for each team.


1) The Northmoor Extra Large Tapered Round Planter Pot + Mirror Bush (Coprosma repens)

Though The Northmoor is certainly a large and imposing planter, the star of this pair is the mirror bush, for which the Northmoor provides a subtle, complementary base.

The best part about the mirror bush is that it is not only extremely hardy, but it comes in a variety of colors—ranging from green to gold and a waxy, striking red—for lots of options in your space.

2) The Bara Tall Jar Classic Vase Planter + Boxwood

This Bara-Boxwood combination is both eclectic and vintage while staying completely classy at the same time. Here, the conversation piece is the shapely Bara—and the boxwood, preferably kept small and trimmed, is the surprising twist at the top.

3) The Walden Cube Planter + Arborvitae (Pyramidal Shape)

Though it’s technically a tree, these dense, low-maintenance perennials are great for keeping prying eyes out of your garden. This would look great in a set or solo!


1) The Sylvan Tapered Round Planter + Calibrachoa

The subtle Sylvan is a great backdrop for all of the calibrachoa’s pizazz! Also known as “million bells”, this flower is an explosion of color that, while short-lived in terms of its blooms, works great as a perennial.

One of the great things about the calibrachoa is that one plant has the ability to grow and fill out the whole planter—so if you’re looking for blooms on a budget, here’s a beautiful option.

2) The Salon Window Box Planter + Geraniums

Geraniums are extremely versatile, extremely hardy, and extremely beautiful. They grow well in just about any of our containers, provided that you choose our “drainage holes” option—but we thought they’d be an amazing addition to The Salon window box.

An amazing fact about geraniums is that their smell doesn’t actually come from the blossoms—it comes from their leaves! This is optimal for enjoying a fresh-scented floral long after the bloom has fallen off.

3) The Tarragona Bowl Planter Pot + Trailing Pansies

Pansies are a voluminous blooming fall flower option that leaves absolutely no one indifferent.

With an endless variety of colors, pansies, complemented perfectly by The Tarragona, will spill out across your porch to the delight of all.

No matter whether you’re mad about shrubs or a fan of flowers, we’ve got you covered. There’s a planter in every size, taste, color, and quantity that will suit your space and planting preferences.

They don’t call us “Pots Planters & More” for nothing!