Rooftop Planters: Transform Your Space With Style & Greenery

Posted by Jason Wyrwicz on May 28th 2024

Rooftop planters

Rooftop planters offer a practical and pleasing way to use unused space, improve air quality, and create a peaceful retreat, shifting your barren rooftop into a thriving oasis of greenery - especially useful in apartment complexes where access to greenery is more limited than in, for example, standalone houses.

If you want to learn more about rooftop planters — their types, importance, and how they elevate your living experience — this post is for you. Here, we have everything you need to transform your dull roof into a green haven.

Types Of Rooftop Planters

Rooftop planters come in a wide variety of shapes, designs, and materials to add style and grace to your space.

Some of the most significant types of rooftop planters include:

Square Planters

Square planters have straight edges and corners; their shape and design not only make them versatile but also ensure that wherever they’re placed, they provide a clean and geometric look to rooftop gardens. If symmetry is what you’re going for in your rooftop garden, then square planters are your best choice.

Best Square Planters For Rooftop

Rectangular Planters

Rectangular planters are narrower and longer than square planters. Choose rectangular planters if you want your rooftop garden to have a streamlined design.

Best Rectangular Planters For Rooftop

Round Planters

Round planters add softness and fluidity to rooftop gardens. They are perfect for creating focal points or adding visual interest to corners or curved areas of your roof.

Best Round Planters For The Rooftop

Tapered Planters

Tapered planters have a wider top and gradually narrow towards the base. This shape provides stability while also adding an aesthetic appeal. Tapered planters are often used to create dynamic compositions or to frame entrances.

Low-Profile Planters

Low-profile planters are your go-to option if you live in windy areas, as they have no risk of tipping over in high winds. Their shallow depth and broad base look appealing and reduce the safety concerns.

Tall Planters

Do you have privacy issues in your area? Why not install tall planters on the rooftop as space dividers or privacy screens? Due to their long height, they allow you to grow your vertical-growing plants, such as bamboo or ornamental grasses, and increase safety.

Best Tall Planters

Modular Planters

Having modular planters is like getting creative with plants. They're like Legos for your rooftop garden! You can arrange them in different ways—stack, connect, or mix them to lift the fun.

What Are The Applications Of Rooftop Planters?

Rooftop planters are perfect for plant enthusiasts who live on straight urban streets or have less space in their yards. They add a luxurious touch to the space and can be used anywhere — from commercial buildings to company headquarters to residential apartment complexes.

Below are some familiar places where rooftop planters are used to add creativity to the place and add a positive vibe.


Offices/Workplaces planters

Typically, offices are lackluster spaces to work long hours; however, beautifully designed planters make the work environment cheerful and pleasant.

It's not only plants but well-designed plant pots that also make employees' moods fresh and the office environment appreciative. Therefore, many offices have rooftop planters so they can feel green, energetic, and increase their productivity.

After all, everyone needs a break every once in a while, and spending it surrounded by plants can be especially helpful to one’s mental health.

Hotels/Food Points

Hotels/Food Points Planters

Rooftop dining is on trend, and adding a number of rooftop planters with a carefully curated selection of plants can transform the otherwise plain space into an epitome of chicness. This, in turn, will make the space appear more inviting, and more guests will want to spend their time there instead of in their hotel rooms.

Apartment Blocks

Apartment Blocks Planters

If your apartment has a narrow space and you cannot find a way to make it lively, the best idea is to install rooftop planters. You can use rooftop planters to grow anything—flowers, vegetables, shrubs, and trees. Just imagine waking up and going to your own little garden to collect your produce to make breakfast with.

What’s more, aside from making the apartment rooftop more stylish, using rooftop planters in an apartment complex also increases privacy.

Bars, Restaurants, And Cafes

Bars, Restaurants, And Cafes Planters

Like hotels, rooftop planters can also improve the environment of cafes and bars so guests can enjoy their time in a cozy atmosphere. Rooftop planters commonly create floral roof gardens, giving guests a fresh feel and a bit more privacy.

Reasons Why You Should Use Rooftop Planters

Rooftop planters offer countless benefits - and we’ll talk about some of them below.

Add Style To The Space

Rooftop planters, whether installed at home or in the workplace, can improve a property's appearance by adding color and life to a space.

Develop An Awesome Urban Oasis

If you want to create your private oasis, investing in rooftop planters is the best option. Planters with trees on a rooftop can add privacy, style, and aesthetics to your place, helping you enjoy your little green corner in the summer.

Less Noise, Cleaner Air

It's a common understanding that both rooftop planters and plants reduce noise pollution by absorbing sound. Moreover, they improve air quality by providing oxygen and filtering out pollution.

Personalize Your Space

We all want to personalize our home space; rooftop planters are the best way to create green space by customizing containers and growing your favorite plants.

6 Things To Consider When Buying A Rooftop Planter

Rooftop planters offer multiple benefits, no matter which one you buy. Yet, there are a few things to consider before purchasing them.

Tip 1. The Size And Shape Of The Area

If you plan to buy rooftop planters, you should measure the area where you want to install them. The wrong selection, too small or too big planters, can result in an unnecessary need to return the incorrectly sized planters and purchase new ones.

|If you want to make your space funky, you can always style up the space by blending different sizes and shapes. Still, it is necessary to measure the space to avoid any inconvenience later.

Tip 2. The Material Of The Planter

Planters are made of various materials, such as wood, plastic, metal, and ceramic. Each material has pros and cons. However, fiberglass, among all other materials, is the most reliable material as it not only looks stylish but it’s also very durable.

Fiberglass Rooftop Potters

This table summarizes the different materials for planters; this way, you can easily choose which is the best for you.

Material Description
Fiberglass The most popular type of rooftop planters.
Light in weight and durable in quality.
It is available in various shapes and finishes.
Fiberstone A combination of fiberglass and crushed stone.
Ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces.
Metal Metal planters are sleek in design and modern in look.
They are durable, weather-resistant, and long-lasting.
Wood Wood planters are natural and rustic.
They add warmth and charm to rooftop gardens.
Concrete or Stone This planter material is sturdy and timeless.
They offer a solid foundation for plants.
Ceramic Or Clay Clay and ceramic are traditional and classic plant materials that add elegance to rooftop spaces.
Plastic Come in various colors and styles.
Light in weight and affordable in price.

Tip 3. Make The Plant Selection Carefully

If you are picking rooftop planters, you should also understand that it is essential to select plants that can appropriately grow in them. You should pick the one that won't become too large for the planter; otherwise, you have to spend more money to buy another one after some time.

If you want to enjoy your rooftop garden for the entirety of the year, you should take some time to learn about plants that can survive winter.

Tip 4. Consider The Purpose Of The Rooftop Planter

Rooftop planters are multipurpose, such as growing vegetables, herbs, flowers, or shrubs. If you are on the way to buying a planter, you should buy the one that can fulfill your specific needs.

For example, a round or square planter would be best if you want to plant a large tree, while a rectangular or oval planter is ideal if a smaller plant is placed in the planter.

Tip 5. Pick The Design Carefully

Rooftop planters come in various designs to make your space lively and vibrant; you can select the one that complements your space and fits your choice.

Below are some designs and features of rooftop planters; you can read them to decide which one is suitable for you.

Design Description
Traditional Traditional rooftop planters feature classic shapes and materials. They are often in the form of square or rectangular wooden planters, terra cotta pots, or stone troughs. They offer a timeless charm and are well-suited for people who want a timeless look.
Modern Modern rooftop planters have sleek lines, minimalist aesthetics, and contemporary materials such as fiberglass, metal, or concrete. They offer a clean, sophisticated look, bold colors, geometric shapes, and innovative designs. It is hard to say no to such high-class planters!
Eclectic Eclectic rooftop planters offer a mix of styles, materials, and colors, suitable for those who have diverse tastes and want their rooftop garden to reflect that. These planters may feature a combination of traditional terracotta pots, modern fiberglass planters, and whimsical decor elements.
Minimalist As the name indicates, minimalist rooftop planters are simple and functional, with clean lines. They often feature monochromatic color schemes, geometric shapes, and uncluttered arrangements. If you want to develop a serene and harmonious environment, minimalist rooftop planters are for you.

Tip 6. A Reputable Supplier Of Rooftop Planters

There are many different sellers of rooftop planters, but not all of them are worth considering. It is crucial to choose a supplier that has a good reputation and offers a quality product, paying off your price.

Essential Care Tips to Get the Most of Your Planters

If you want to cultivate rooftop plants that add beauty and tranquility to your space, you should remember these tips.

1. Find The Right Spot

If you want to increase the lifespan of your planters, you should place your rooftop planters in an accurate place.

Moreover, you should ensure that your plants receive ample sunlight, at least six hours a day, and that planters are not in a windy place. Heavy wind and prolonged sunlight are unfavorable for both plants and planters.

2. Keep It Draining

Proper drainage is essential to prevent waterlogging and root rot in your rooftop planters. You should buy planters with appropriate drainage holes to maintain efficient water flow and plant health.

3. Water Wisely

Every rooftop planter enthusiast should try a watering system that delivers water evenly throughout the soil. Whether you're using drip irrigation, self-watering planters, or a manual watering schedule, you should ensure adequate hydration of plants.

Excessive moisture can increase fungal diseases and root rot, affecting the longevity of your plants and planters.

4. Feed Your Plants And Planters

If you want to ensure the healthy growth of your plants, fertilizers of a good brand are necessary. A right planter ensures plants get appropriate fertilizers; further, it protects fertilizers from getting wasted.

5. TLC Time

You should clear debris and inspect for pests to promote plant vitality and planter safety but don’t put your planters in extreme weather conditions. Remember, clean planters mean thriving plants!

The Bottom Line

rooftops planters

Rooftops are among a building's most expressive parts, and rooftop planters are a large part of that. Typically, they are used to grow plants and vegetables, but they can also enhance a place's comfort, storage, or decoration.

Roof planters can beautify almost any unused or underutilized space and provide insulation, soundproofing, and more. This post has covered everything about rooftop planters; you can read it thoroughly to develop your insight.

However, if you are interested in buying rooftop planters, you can contact Pots Planters & More, a trustworthy platform that never disappoints its customers; in fact, it offers them more than they expect.

So, add your favorite planters to your cart and transform your rooftop into your dream place today.