Meet 3 Planters and the Places that Inspired Them: Part 2

Posted by Jason Wyrwicz on Jul 22nd 2022

Get ready for another dose of our global planter passion!

We had so much fun talking about the inspirations behind some of our signature pots and planters that we just had to do a Part Two. (And your feedback has been incredible—thank you so much!)

We’ve taken three more cities from around the world and the planters they’ve inspired to help you make the best choices for your space. Our love of what we do here at Pots Planters & More drives us to search higher and farther for that design touch to turn whatever location you’re accenting into a lush paradise.

So, let’s get to jet-setting, shall we?

Valencia (Spain)

and the Valencia Round Planter

If you’re looking for a Mediterranean paradise with more than meets the eye, you’ve come to the right place! This picturesque port city on the eastern coast of the Iberian Peninsula has a rich history dating back to the Roman era—it was founded in 159 BC.

There’s a story around every corner, because Valencia has seen it all, and the diverse cultures that have passed through this port have each left their mark. Today Valencia observes both the traditional Catalonian culture and festivities, as well as the larger national identity. The architecture of Valencia is a mix of buildings left from its earliest residents to the Art Nouveau style, and contemporary architecture as well!

And that’s why we think that our Valencia Round Planter fits right in.

Bright, optimistic, and versatile, the Valencia Round Planter accents any space that it touches without overpowering the surrounding elements. A simple, curving shape with clean lines, you can count on The Valencia to dress a space up or down as you see fit.

It’s difficult to pick the perfect color to pair The Valencia with its namesake city, and if you travel there and visit the city’s Old Town, you’ll see why! The whole area is a feast for the eyes, with both antique terra cotta tones and all the colors of the rainbow. We’re definitely partial, but we think that The Valencia looks stunning in Lemon Yellow, Merlot Red, or Terra Cotta—but if you want to go out of the box, why not choose an Emerald Green?

Despite being a semi-arid climate, Valencia is known for its vast array of plants and shrubs. If we were you, though, we’d brighten up our space—and The Valencia—with fringed lavender (Lavandula dentata).

Milano (Italy)

and the Milano Narrow Planter Box

If you’ve got a passion for fashion as great as our passion for planters, then you’ll be no stranger to Milano’s art and culture. Milano has become synonymous with haute couture, as many of the surrounding towns and cities produce the textiles that appear in the city’s most sought-after brands.

But don’t think that this city popped up overnight. For centuries Milano has been the playground for dukes and princes who have called it home. Milano also played a pivotal role in the Italian Renaissance that brought new ideas and techniques to the European art world. There are so many priceless pieces of art and architecture that can be found throughout this dazzling city, including the iconic Last Supper painting by Leonardo da Vinci.

Today you’ll find all walks of life in Milano’s vibrant piazze. Some are more fashionable than others, but they all are trying to be a part of the Milano magic.

And so the word we would use to describe our Milano Narrow Planter Box is iconic.

The Milano Narrow Planter Box is dazzling in its simplicity and unapologetic in its class and style. Be warned, though—The Milano is a piece for those who are serious about bringing style to a space. And just as class and style demands, you can’t go wrong with an Antique White or Infinity Black.

But if you’re really feeling bold, might we suggest a Fire Engine Red?

Marseille (France)

and the Marseille Low Bowl Planter

Marseille truly is a door to the rest of the world. Millions of people pass through this timeless port town each year, looking for fun, or adventure, or maybe a new life.

Like Valencia, Marseille is a Mediterranean port city that has seen centuries of change and culture pass through its streets, all while maintaining the mixture of quaint French charm and dazzling French flair that we know and love today.

Marseille is not only beautiful, but it’s versatile too—the city has hosted everything from internationally-acclaimed theater productions to global sporting events.

And that’s why we see the Marseille Low Bowl Planter as a piece with endless possibilities.

The Marseille Low Bowl Planter is a really out-of-the-box piece that’s sure to make a statement wherever you display it—and to get people talking as well. The shape of the Marseille is truly unexpected, and it can be complemented in a way to both blend into the space or as a highlighted decorative piece.

We think that The Marseille would be absolutely gorgeous in muted tones such as Pink Mimosa or Antique White, or in the bolder Stately Bronze option.

What you choose to plant in your Marseille is as full of possibility as the Marseillaise culture itself. It’s all a question of whether you want to plant The Marseille up, with a taller plant, or down, with more a shrub-like option. We personally love the idea of a large aloe vera plant.

Well, that’s it for now for our tour of the magical places that have inspired our planters!

If you’d like to hear more (or if you have any requests of planters you’d like for us to cover), please don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

And if you’ve got any questions about styling any of our pieces with international flair, don’t be shy—we’re here to help, and beautifying your spaces with high-quality planting accents is what we do best.