Improve Your Office Environment with These 7 Ideas

Posted by Jason W on Jun 28th 2022

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It’s no secret that the quintessential office environment is a bit bland. When anyone pictures an “office” in their mind, they tend to quickly imagine beige walls and similar-colored cubicles with black rolling chairs. Some wooden desks are found in each cubicle space and that’s pretty much the gist of it.

There’s no personality, no character, no pizzazz– and that can lead to increased disinterest amongst employees and other staff members (and even potential clients!).

That is a big no-no.

Gone are the days of listless offices. This is 2022, everyone, so It’s time for you to spice up your office space in order to increase output, boost moods, improve productivity, and simply make the hours people spend in your office far more enjoyable!

Let’s make some office magic happen, shall we? Here is our list of seven ideas for improving your office environment.

1. Add Office Planters with Plants

                                               office planters

Most of us are already aware that live plants are one of the most popular interior design elements available. When placed in sleek office planters, they can add an enamoring splash of calming green and other vibrant colors from their blossoms.

But that’s not all these plants can provide your office space. Green plants can also provide your staff members and you with impressive psychological benefits as well! The presence of plants can gift your office with:

  • Stress and anxiety relief
  • Increased work productivity
  • Improved mood
  • Increased creativity and motivation
  • Reduced fatigue

Make sure to get the most aesthetically pleasing planters to accompany your desired plants to amplify their aesthetic appeal. Be sure to browse our office planters to find the perfect one (or more!) for you and your location.

2. Let There Be Light

Unfortunately, far too many employers overlook the importance of having ample and unobtrusive lighting in their place of business. Having poor or dark lighting in your office space can actually increase negative cognitive effects, which, yes, can absolutely make your business’ success plummet.

Put your people first and let there be light for them to enjoy! If possible, improve the natural lighting in your office first. Vitamin D3, which is created in our skin from exposure to the sun, is an imperative vitamin for all human beings and greatly impacts mood and happiness (among other more functional things). That’s why you should focus on this first and foremost for your staff members!

Whether you are able to get natural lighting into your workspace or not, you should also think about the artificial lighting available. Cooler white and blue lighting are excellent options for improving concentration and workflow. If you can, use this lighting in the morning, but then use warmer or orange lighting later in the afternoon (these colors can help your team wind down and relax).

3. Swap Old, Decrepit Furniture for Comfy, Ergonomic Furniture

When supplying your employees with office chairs or any other types of furniture they use daily, you should always be shooting for ergonomic options. Ergonomic furniture makes your team members healthier, more comfortable, and overall happier. These can lessen back pain, wrist issues, neck and posture problems, and other abnormal body aches and pains.

Your employees and staff should have access to various ergonomic items, such as computer stands, mouse pads, mice, keyboards, keyboard wrist pads, chairs, desks, and beyond. These changes may sound solely physical improvements, but these will ultimately lead to more productivity and other psychological benefits as well.

Why? Because when people are comfortable and not in pain, they will, in turn, be more inclined to work better and more efficiently.

4.Place Some Aromatic Elements Around the Space

            office planters

When it comes to the design of your office, you don’t only need to focus on what people can see– you can cater to other senses aside from sight, too!

By adding an inviting aroma to your workspace, you can greatly increase performance and have a host of other advantages to boot. Carefully selected scents can assist to clear and invigorate minds, increase concentration, awaken employees, promote productivity, and much more.

A classic option is candles, of course, but you can also try aromatic elements, such as flowers, essential oil sprays, air fresheners, and diffusers. There are several scents to try to improve productivity and ultimately work performance as well, such as citrus, cinnamon, peppermint, lavender, jasmine, lemongrass, ginger, and rosemary.

5. Display the Time with a Stunning Wall Clock

Having a wall clock clearly displayed within your office is far more important than most employers recognize. This simple aesthetic addition can help your team members keep an eye on the time not only to see how close they are to 5 p.m. (as many employers assume is the only reason they’re looking at the clock) but also so that they can work more diligently to complete projects in a more timely manner.

When choosing a wall clock, however, be sure to select your clock carefully. This wall clock should be large enough for your employees to see clearly, but it shouldn’t be too intimidating or have loud and irksome ticking.

Plus, it should also be chic and stylish to make it far more enjoyable to observe while simultaneously improving the design throughout the office!

6.Channel Creativity with Art Pieces

Art is one of the most classic means of invigorating any space in which they are displayed. Art can come in many convenient and beautiful forms that you can use in not only your home but your office space as well!

You can attempt to hang paintings, add framed uplifting quotes in various locations, display sculptures, place artistic knickknacks in convenient places, and much more!

7.  Repaint the Walls

Remember at the very beginning when we mentioned those dreary beige walls and beige cubicles? Well, if you have those, it’s time to change that. Add a pop of color to an accent wall or simply repaint the entire interior a more enticing color! Boring is out and fun is in– yes, even in the workplace!

Now that you have some ideas for sprucing up your workspace, it’s time to get moving on your next steps! Browse all of our office planters for housing your office’s plants. We have options for both inside and outside, too! Keep in mind that an office doesn’t need to be a drab location. Make it unique and you’ll see a difference in your staff and your success almost instantly!