Tips for Using Plants as Part of Your Commercial Space

Posted by Jason Wyrwicz on Feb 9th 2022

Businesses of all kinds have been using plants and greenery to make their commercial spaces more appealing and enticing. From hotel driveways to restaurants, offices to retail outlets, plants are listed every year as one of the big commercial design trends.

Used in the right way and the right place, plants can transform first impressions and make most commercial spaces look considerably more appealing. And using your plants wisely means they can also work for you by:

  • Reducing noise levels by acting as a sound buffer
  • Adding structure and definition to your existing architecture
  • Making your business look much more appealing
  • Acting as a wall for improved privacy.

Using Plants In Your Business

An Eye-Catching Statement

With the right plants or other greenery in the right containers, it’s easy to make your indoor and outdoor spaces much more inviting. Place them around your hotel pool or on the patio of your restaurant to break up any monotony caused by the shape and design of the property.

Look at oversized or large planters that you can fill with perfectly maintained and manicured plants to create a lavish, almost decadent environment. Alternatively, create a touch of architectural drama with some taller and more cylindrical urn containers full of trailing ivy or other spiller plants.

Think Big

When you're buying plants for your home and garden, you likely have plenty of choices about where to put them. In commercial settings, choices can be much more difficult. That’s largely because a commercial property, such as a retail setting or restaurant, will tend to be larger than a private home.

There’s little use in creating lush spaces full of greenery if your customers have to squint to see them hiding in the corner. So if you're blessed with an abundance of space, always consider multiple large planters. The bigger you go, the more your customers will experience that “wow” factor. Think too small, and it’s likely that your attempts at improving your commercial space will simply be too tiny to spot.

Use Your Entrances

A framed entrance to a business is a very special thing. It’s an enticing invitation for customers and clients to accept. Use a fantastic planter filled with the brightest and most eye-catching greenery you can find. This is a great way to improve footfall, so it’s particularly useful for retail businesses and restaurants.

Framing any focal point with large planters always creates a dynamic effect. If you have staircases or large windows in your commercial property, using the right plants or trees to frame those focal points can work wonders. Draw attention to your business by taking advantage of our natural love of symmetry.

Using Plants In Your Business 2

The Challenge of the Lobby

A hotel lobby tends to be a particularly difficult commercial space to get right when it comes to plants. After all, a hotel lobby can be a very large space indeed, and that’s going to mean big planters and big plants. If your ceilings are high and the space is large, a single houseplant in a tiny pot is more likely to be a health and safety risk than a complement to your space.

The larger the space, the larger your planters and plants will need to be — think trees rather than flowers or herbs. This will seamlessly create a grandiose sense of scale inside your lobby. Take your time to choose the right large planters and select ones that best match your lobby’s themes and design.

Greenery as Art

There’s a practical way to utilize greenery in a commercial setting. For example, growing herbs in a restaurant setting is always a good idea. However, don’t overlook the value of using plants, flowers, and trees as art. This is easier than ever since containers can be beautiful additions to any space, commercial or otherwise, even without plants or trees, .

Long gone are the days of tired old orange terracotta pots. Thanks to the massive number of designs, as well as the option to customize your pots to match your brand colors, you can use your planters as art. Use tall and sleek containers with a modern twist, or add a touch of elegance with something bold and geometric.

Using Plants In Your Business 3

Using Plants to Make Your Business More Visually Appealing

It’s safe to say that plants, trees, and flowers are all excellent additions to any workspace. As well as being good for mental health, they add some much-needed life, energy, and color to the locations where we want to shop, stay, eat, drink, and rest. They’re a low-cost way to transform any space without the need for expensive renovation work.

Never forget that customers and clients adjust and update their impressions of you with every interaction. Using plants to boost your curb appeal is simple but extremely effective. Never overlook the impact that plants can have on a commercial space.

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