10 Tips for Adding Plants and Flowers to Your Office Space

Posted by Jason Wyrwicz on Dec 7th 2022

When you are looking to boost the appearance of your normally dreary office space, there is one thing that can easily (and affordably) get the job done right: plants!

But why exactly should you absolutely add plants to your office? Actually, there are several advantages of doing so:

  • Boost the aesthetics in your office space
  • Improve focus and concentration of staff members
  • Improve productivity
  • Lessen anxiety and stress
  • Boost moods
  • Purify air
  • Potentially improve your business (and the work output of staff members!)

The addition of plants can provide all of these impressive benefits, so why not place them in your office and reap them for yourself?

In order to seamlessly integrate plants and flowers into your office space, follow our 10 tips below to really “spruce” up your office space!

1. Place Plants in Large Indoor Planters

                                     ! Large indoor planters

Using large indoor planters for your desired plants is almost always an excellent way to display your greenery! You have various options to consider, as these planters range in color, shape, and size.

These make for great homes for your large plants (of course), like fiddle leaf fig trees, rubber trees, and monsteras, and also add a real accent to your preferred location! Corners, meeting rooms, executive offices, entrance, near elevator doors– nearly anywhere! Large indoor planters can add pizzazz, too, especially when you opt for truly vibrant ones.

2. And/Or in Large Outdoor Planters!

On that note, you can even equip your office building with large outdoor planters if you have the location for it! We’re talking about entranceways, courtyards, and rooftop decks– anywhere you deem necessary. These planters are also ideal for the outdoors because they can withstand all weather conditions– especially ours!

These planters can come in large constructions, which allow for more plants and more of a welcoming outdoor space. And we like that (as will your guests!).

3. Hang Plants from Ceilings

If you aren’t interested in solely opting for the unique aesthetics of planters, you could instead give hanging plants a shot. You can hang planters from the ceiling or from a rod or even a hook that you set up yourself.

Hanging plants add a particularly unique allure to your office as these options don’t require taking up floor space and they can be enjoyed at eye-level!

4. Place Tabletop Planters (in Convenient Locations)

             large indoor planters

Of course, you always have the option to place smaller plants on tabletops as well. You can put these on office desks, welcome desks, file cabinets, and in the middle of conference tables to add a hint of color and reap the benefits of plants with ease! You also have a variety of options to choose from, from smaller succulent plants to vibrant flowers.

5. Put Small Succulents on Windowsills

Speaking of succulent plants, you can place these little guys nearly anywhere if they are small enough! Try placing them in locations where they will get the appropriate amount of sunlight, however, as they are sun-hungry plants and thrive when they get a lot of it.

That’s why we recommend adding them to windowsills where possible. If you don’t have a ledge, try using a hanging planter with a suction cup and stick it to the window directly. This is an especially ideal location as people will be far less likely to prick themselves on the spikes!

6. Use Wall Trellises or Hanging Pots on Walls

Wherever you have a wall that is made of brick or stone, you can hang a wall trellis along with a variety of plants: perennials, cascading plants, annuals, and more! Wall trellises are superb decorative pieces that double as a unique planter for your plants. Mount these to your preferred wall– either inside or outside the office!

7. Make Sure Plants Are Randomly Dispersed, Not Concentrated

When you do decide to decorate your office space with plants of your choosing, you should be wary of exactly where and how often you place them. For one, you shouldn’t put all of your plants in one specific location together. This will look too cramped and, quite frankly, will be the opposite of aesthetically pleasing!

You should instead spread them around the office and make sure they aren’t all jammed into one location together. Spread the love, as they say!

8. Place Them According to Light Needs and Visibility

Most plants require a different amount of light than others do. For example, succulents need a ton of sunlight while monsteras require very little light. Make sure to place your plants in locations that will provide them with enough sunlight to continue growing and flourishing.

But, also ensure that they are in locations where people can see them. Stowing them away in a closet with a skylight won’t do your office any good, for example!

9. Have the Right Amount of Green and Color

We highly recommend you pay attention to the colors that you do integrate with your office. Try to add as much green as you can but also some flowers or budding greens for added splashes of color! The more the merrier, as they say!

10. Make Sure They Get the Care They Need to Live and Flourish!

As we mentioned in point #8, different plants require different amounts of sunlight– but that’s not all they differ on. Some need different amounts of water, fertilizer, and even repotting. Do your research on your plants and cater to their specific needs to keep them alive and well. Or, if you don’t have the time (or patience) for that, hire someone to take care of them for you.

On that note, try to select the right plants for your maintenance needs. Whatever you are willing to do for your plants, go from there when choosing them.

And there you have it: 10 tips on adding plants and flowers to your office! Be sure to check out all of our planters, like our large indoor planters and large outdoor planters, to provide your beloved plants with the best homes around!