Element 13

The right planter can make any space more pleasing to the eye. Known for their clean approach to design with a modern edge, Element 13 planters offer beauty sure to elevate any space to new stylistic heights. Ideal for commercial and retail spaces due to their size and style, Element 13 planters are sure to improve any area with ease.

There are a few things that set these options apart from others on the market. For starters, Element 13 planters are made of durable metal in a range of finishes. This metal construction, coupled with the clean lines, makes for a modern approach to design that works well with a range of settings and decors. Another thing worth noting is the varied options on the matter of size. Whether you are looking for larger planter boxes to line a patio and create privacy, tall planters perfect for a stylish lobby, or a cube planter in a medium height to flank a doorway, there is something here to meet your needs in style. The shapes of these Element 13 planters lend themselves naturally to certain uses. For instance, they are great for lining a walkway to direct foot traffic in busy areas such as colleges, malls, hotels, and more. They are also great for lining walls on the interiors of various businesses to add a touch of style and greenery to the mix. Regardless of how you choose to utilize them, these stylish planters add a modern edge to any location they grace. The metal and finishes give a beautiful contrast against the green or floral colors of the plants housed in the planter for an added touch of visual appeal your home or business will value. Shop today and find the perfect addition for your location with this stunning collection.

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