The Rise of the Corporate Garden

Posted by Jason Wyrwicz on Oct 28th 2022

Corporate gardens are popping up all over the place. Business owners are starting to realize the myriad of benefits having green space to grow herbs, species, fruit, and vegetables brings to the workplace. It is no accident that some of the most successful companies in the world, such as Google and Yahoo, have transformed car parks and old smoking areas into natural nurseries. Employees can get outdoors, water the plants, or harvest fresh produce for a staff lunch.

When much of the life of an office worker is spent indoors staring at a computer screen, encouraging management to create a corporate garden offers many benefits. From improved mental and physical health to fostering workplace camaraderie, nothing beats interacting with nature to break the monotony of endless spreadsheets and word documents.

You may think the amount of space you have at your disposal will not lend itself to a bountiful garden. However, it is possible to use rooftops, balconies, and indoor spaces to create raised flower beds or sunny spots for herb gardens inside planters. Look around your office space—you may be well-equipped to produce good yields!

At Pots, Planters, and More, we have a range of solutions that can kick off your corporate gardening journey, so read on to discover the endless upsides of starting your very own.

Encourages workplace unity

Off-site team-building activities don’t necessarily have to take a back seat, but why set aside specific dates when you can have a long-term project that everyone is responsible for?

From the outset, creating and managing a corporate garden should be a team effort enjoyed by upper management and employees alike. Working alongside each other eases tension and allows people to get to know each other regardless of the company hierarchy. Too often, office relationships can become siloed, and people from different divisions don’t get an opportunity to spend time with one another. In essence, a corporate garden grows more than just greenery. It increases unity, encourages inclusion, and allows staff to feel more relaxed too!

Encourages Physical Activity

We all know the result of adopting an inactive lifestyle. Increased risk of cardiovascular issues, diabetes, cancer, and all that other yucky stuff we don't want to really talk about here are all possibilities if we don't get out and smell the roses, so to speak. By replacing just 30 mins of sitting down with light activity in the corporate garden, employees can improve their mental and physical well-being. This has a flow-on effect on the company too. Happy, healthy staff have fewer sick days and require fewer visits to the doctor—cutting health care costs.

Physical activity offsets the negative effect of sedentary jobs. Research shows an inactive lifestyle increases health risks for heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers. A lack of exercise also increases feelings of anxiety and depression. Replacing 30 minutes of sitting with light activity can improve health, reduce employee absenteeism, and cut healthcare costs. Gardening at work can motivate employees to get this much-needed exercise.

We think any movement is good movement, and that's why large commercial properties around the country are adding corporate gardens and pathways around their sites.

Improves Mental Faculties

Low morale is not only depressing, but it hugely affects productivity and profitability. No matter how much you love your job, staying inside for long periods can become monotonous and wear you down mentally. Activities related to gardening offer those under pressure or feeling the winter blues a distraction and a way to divert their attention to something stress-free.

Many workplaces are installing outdoor wifi, so employees have flexibility over where they want to work. There are even reports of meetings being held under pergolas and sail shades! Science agrees with these novel productivity methods, as communing with nature lowers stress and anxiety levels.

Brings Vibrancy to the Workplace

We have spoken already about what a corporate garden can do for physical and mental health and workplace unity, but these spaces also have a positive effect on potential employees, visitors, and external stakeholders. A company that It demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship becomes an obvious point of differentiation. Think about it. Where would you rather do business if given a choice between a standard office setting and a company with a vibrant, glowing garden?

At Pots, Planters, and More, we are huge advocates of the shift to more culture-driven working environments. Many of our clients, such as Google, Starbucks, and the Boston Red Sox, have completely reshaped what the office should look like. Their employees are generally happier and more productive because of it.

Creates a Bountiful Harvest

Creating a corporate garden shouldn't just look good, though. It should taste good too! Imagine if your workplace supplied organic produce to employees or the cafeterias they eat! The possibilities are endless. Healthy salads, herb oils, and yummy fruit snacks are just a few options staff members can chow down on every day. There is no need for vending machines when you have a real food machine on site.

If you are limited by space, there are still opportunities to invest in an office spice garden or herb plot. It provides freshness and greenery, pleasant aromas, and tasty seasonings to snip off and add to lunches or snacks.

Many companies donate their produce back to local food banks and shelters. This act strengthens ties with local communities and makes a bold statement about what's essential to your company.

Contact us at Pots, Planters, and More if you are considering creating a corporate garden at your workplace. We have a massive range of different shapes, sizes, and colors that will get the creative juices flowing. We supply businesses all over the United States, so visit our website today and start your corporate gardening journey!