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Color Samples - Premium Painted Finishes





Choose the right color for your planter. Our color swatches will let you see our vibrant finishes in the environment of your choosing. This is the best way to identify the right color for your planters. Each swatch is approximately 5″ x 5″ and ships via U.S. Mail.

Antique White
More cream than white, this matte hue complements rustic and traditional designs that call out for classic character, or can add a touch of warmth to more modern decor.

Bright White
This classic true white is perfect for adding contrast to darker color schemes. Its smooth, glossy texture complements high-shine modern and contemporary décor, and can also bring updated style to more traditional motifs.

Charcoal Grey
Classic, sophisticated, and timeless, charcoal grey is an on-trend neutral that never goes out of style. This matte shade offers understated style that can help a large planter blend in with a neutral color scheme or stand out against white or light-colored walls.

Cobalt Blue
A vibrant, saturated indigo blue with a glossy shine. An updated alternative to navy blue, this lively shade can provide lush contrast against neutrals, metallic and other understated shades. Eye-catching and distinctive when used on a single large planter as a focal point, or when grouped with several smaller planters in rich hues.

This rich brown hue adds depth to your décor. Perfect for adding a touch of warmth to a modern or contemporary design, or complement rustic, Zen and traditional styles with this matte, nature-inspired shade.

Dark and dramatic, this flat, deep black is perfect for adding sophistication and urban class to contemporary themes, while also complementing traditional and rustic décor. Timeless, classic, and elegantly neutral, our ebony shade fits easily into any design.

The regality of purple in an elegant, subdued shade. This high-gloss hue can add playful yet sophisticated contrast to minimalist, neutral decor, or create additional depth when paired with design elements in other saturated colors.

An on-trend alternative to basic neutrals, gunmetal adds a touch of luster to a deep grey. Sophisticated, elegant and updated yet timeless, gunmetal works well in designs from traditional and rustic to minimalist and contemporary.

Key Lime
This bright, saturated citrus shade delivers a dramatic pop of color and lustrous shine. Great for creating unexpected contrast in minimalist or neutral design schemes, or adding spirited style to beach and tropical-themed design schemes. Popular for use on pool decks, restaurant patios, and in modern living spaces.

This bright, sunshiny hue can be used as an unexpected accent or the basis for a lively deck, lobby or patio design. Pair with planters Key Lime or Tangerine for a citrus-themed effect, or use small splashes of Lemon throughout your design for cheery contrast to more understated tones.

Matador Red
A deep, saturated berry red with a high-shine finish. Use to add an elegantly exotic splash of color to minimalist or neutral designs, or complement color-rich décor. Suited to traditional, European and classic design schemes, but can also add elegance to more modern décor.

Pink Mimosa
A pale, yet grown-up pink with beige undertones. This unexpected hue makes a statement when used on groupings of small pots or chosen for large, attention-grabbing planters. It pairs well with whites, creams, neutrals and metallic, and can complement a floral or traditional design or add a touch of feminine appeal to starker modern or minimalist décor.

A deep, cool blue offered in a slight shimmer with the effect of metal flecks, this finish is a showstopper. Create an impressive focal point by choosing this color for a single large planter, or pair with other metallic finishes on a collection of smaller planters, our metallic sapphire finish is bright, bold, and surprisingly versatile.

Silver Polish
The luster of this semi-matte metallic finish will add urban sophistication to any design. Complements stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized steel and other metal finishes while bringing updated style to your design.

Stately Bronze
Reminiscent of regal statues and timeless fixtures, this lustrous metallic bronze shade brings Old World luxury to your design. Complements traditional kitchens and living areas, fits well with rustic-themed decks and patios, or adds a classic European touch to modern décor.

A deliciously vibrant orange shade offered in a high gloss finish brings on-trend citrus style to your design. Group with planters in Key Lime and Lemon for a tropical-themed affect, or punctuate your design with just one or two large planters in Tangerine.