They're a 10 But...Plants and Planters Edition

Posted by Jason Wyrwicz on Aug 26th 2022

You might have thought that just because we’ve been in the pots and planters game for the last 25 years, and because we’re in the humble suburb of Skokie, Illinois, that we’re not keeping up with what’s in.

But it’s not just our pots and planters that are keeping up with the trends—we know what’s up!

It’s why we’ve decided to throw our hat in the ring with the “They’re a 10, But” Challenge.

But because we’re Pots Planters & More, we’re giving the trend our own twist—and making it all about plants and their accessories.

Now, if you’re not up on the “They’re a 10, But” Challenge, let us fill you in:

The “They’re a 10, But” Challenge is fun because it doesn’t focus on looks; it focuses on personality when it comes to judging a potential partner. We start by rating someone on their looks—they’re a 10/10, so they’re your absolute physical ideal—but then we dig a little deeper.

It really is like that—some of the most beautiful people can do certain things, or act in a certain way, that can make them not seem so attractive after all.

And when it comes to disrespecting your plants and planter game, it’s a hard pass.

We’ve taken a stab at creating our own list of “They’re a 10, But” characteristics, and we’ve got everything you need to judge a potential partner around your pots and planters.

There are some serious plant-centric red flags. But not to worry—we’ve thrown in some green flags, too!

Let’s get to giving out those numbers!

1. They’re a 10, but….they tell you that you have “too many plants”.

Our first instinct was to give this plant-hater a 0/10. I mean, come on. Anybody worth their weight in soil knows that there’s no such thing as “too many plants”.

But then we worried that maybe we were being a little harsh.

We got to thinking: Why does this person have such an incorrect opinion? Where did it come from?

Surely this kind of wrongness has to come from a source. Maybe this person had a traumatic incident in a plant store as a child. Maybe they had an anti-plant parent. Whatever the reason, maybe, just maybe, they deserve a seed-sized chance.

So, here’s our take:If this is a new fling, try to explore the reason for this person’s plant-pessimism. And maybe you can even be the one to help nurture a love of plants in them!

If it’s a long-term relationship and they keep nagging you, prune that person like an unnecessary branch.


2. They’re a 10, but...they’re not an “indoor plant fan”

This person gets a little bit of a higher rating than Ol’ Pouty-Plants, but we’d like to know more about the reason for this plant-selectivism.

Once again, this could be rooted (get it?) in some sort of childhood with an allergic parent. You know, like the same people who say that they don’t like indoor pets.

We’re off to a (more) encouraging start than the dud in Number One, especially if the person’s comment is simply one about their own preferences, not an attempt to change your indoor-plant lifestyle.

Now, this is where you (and we!) come in!

Presentation is everything, and we’re ready to help you give this person a chance by showing them the indoor plant’s potential as a total interior game-changer. Play on your imagination, play on their love of certain colors, whatever you’d like. We’ll have the planter to get them on our side.


3. They’re a 10, but…they won’t agree to water your plants when you’re out of town.

Look, don’t shoot the messenger, but we’re absolutely not feeling those vibes.

In fact, we’d go so far as to say that this isn’t just one red flag, but a whole potted arrangement of them.

Let’s break this down:

  • They don’t care about something that’s important to you
  • They’re not willing to take on responsibilities outside of their own
  • They’re totally okay with potentially becoming plant serial-killers.

Honestly, it sounds like this one is rotten to the roots.

OUR RATING: 0.5/10

But wait—not all 10s are all bad.

Besides the obvious characteristics that would make any partner more worthy (I.E., doing exactly the opposite of those last three “people”), here are some major green flags to keep your eye out for.

4. They’re a 10, but….they give you a plant for every major holiday, and sometimes “just because”.

Now this is what we’re talking about.

There’s a potential extra point in store for the 10 if they study up on their plants so that they can complement your garden in just the right way!


5. They’re a 10, but…they tell you that your plants deserve to be dressed up with high-quality planters.

That’s it. Game over. Lock this one down.


Would you agree with our ratings? Do you have any more red or green flags to add to the list? Don’t be shy about letting us know!

We’re certainly no experts on love here at Pots Planters & More, and we know that we probably won’t be the ones that you come to for love advice.

But if you need any advice for selecting the perfect plants for your home or office layout—or selecting a gift for the plant-lover in your life—we’re ready and waiting to get you set up.