No Garden? No Problem! Using Large Round Planters to Liven Up Your Home

Posted by Jason Wyrwicz on Dec 26th 2022

There are a ton of studies that have stressed the benefits of having plants around us. However, the problem is that not everyone has the luxury of being able to live in a home that has a front lawn, backyard, or garden.

In cases like these, indoor plants are a good way to add that touch of green inside your home. But what about outside and around it?

Outdoor planters like those large rectangular and round planters you'll find around offices, restaurants, and such are a good way of introducing some greenery to your home. These planters are also a great way to introduce some trees to your home, especially if you don't have a lot of lawn space to have one grown.

Benefits of Having Plants In your Home

Throughout the years, many studies have been conducted regarding the effect that plants have over us when we're around them. These benefits include:

1. They improve the quality of air

One of the more obvious benefits of having plants around is that they help improve the air around you. This change in the air can be great help for those that experience a lot of headaches, or have certain respiratory issues and allergies.

2. They can be therapeutic and help relieve anxiety and depression

Several studies from researchers that have tested out horticultural therapy have said that having people work with plants is a good form of therapy, and can help people that are dealing with anxiety and depression.

3. They can help reduce stress levels

Caring for and being around plants has also been noted to help reduce stress levels. A long walk through the park or forest can do wonders in terms of producing that calming effect. However, for those who live in dense urban locations, having a couple of plants around can also work just as well. Plants, in general, are able to help us feel more calm and relaxed, lowering blood pressure, and ultimately putting us in happier moods.

4. They can help improve productivity and focus

Lastly, because plants are able to place us in this better state of mind, this, in turn, helps us become more focused and productive overall. Having plants around your home or on your work desk can help improve your mood and focus. Better yet, working outside your home, around a couple of round planters with trees can also produce the same effect.

Setting Up Tree Planters In Your Home

Planters are a great way to introduce larger plants into your home, whether you're planning on placing them indoors or outdoors. Usually, rectangular planters are much larger in terms of size, and are often set up outdoors. However, there are square and rectangular planters that are also suitable for indoor plants.

What's more common for indoor plants, though, are round planters. This Wannsee Round Fibreglass Tree Planter, for example, is perfect for both indoors and outdoors. Available from 15 up to 44 inches in diameter, these round planters can house a variety of small to larger plants or trees. They're also a good fit either in your living room, kitchen, or home office.

Benefits of Fibreglass Planters

Planters come in a variety of different types, each one made from different materials. These include:

  • Wooden planters
  • Ceramic planters
  • Glass planters
  • Metal planters
  • Terracotta planters
  • Fibreglass planters

Each type comes with specific advantages and disadvantages. However, fibreglass planters have compared to others with regards to its durability and versatility.

1. Fibreglass Planters Are Lightweight

Every so often we can't help but get the urge to move around our house furniture. This is where fibreglass planters come in handy. They can be a surprisingly lightweight material, making them easy to move around and manage. No need to break your back lifting those heavy ceramic planters anymore whenever you get that urge to rearrange your pots.

2. Fibreglass Planters Are Sturdy

Fibreglass has a lot of different applications when it comes to manufacturing. Believe it or not, a couple of the applications of fibreglass include, aircrafts, automobiles, surfboards, bath tubs, orthopedic casts, and water tanks. That said, you can definitely guarantee that they're built to last you a long while.

3. Fibreglass Planters Are Weather Resistant

Unlike metal planters, for example, where exposure to rain and moisture can produce rust, fibreglass can withstand virtually any type of weather, from heavy rain, icy snow, to a blazing hot summer sun. They won't crack or fade over time, requiring very little care or maintenance from you in the long term.

Fill Your Home With the Perfect Round Planters

Plants are an essential part of the lifeblood of the planet. They remain a critical part of our environment and, not to mention, a critical part of our own wellbeing as humans. If you're looking for a way to set up your home with a couple of live plants, there's no better solution than a round planter that you can place inside or outside your home.

So while you're here, feel free to check out our available fibreglass tree planters here on our website.