Invest in the Best for Your Plants. Here's Why!

Posted by Jason Wyrwicz on Sep 9th 2022

Anybody who’s ever lived on a budget will tell you the places they cut corners in their spending. It’s part of what defines the people who are smart with their money. You no doubt have your own tips and tricks.

Whether they are “hard-and-fast” rules that you inherited from your parents or “hacks” that you gained from your own experience, ask anyone who’s made their own money for five ways they save, and it won’t be hard for them to tell you.

On the opposite side of the coin, those smart and informed consumers will assure you that there are products and services on which you never cut corners. Quality trumps a deal in certain circumstances, most of which have to do with durability, health, or any living thing.

And that’s why you should invest in the best for your plants.

We at Pot Planters & More meet more and more customers every day that switch to our products after trying budget-cutting solutions. Their reasons for changing their viewpoints vary, but the message is the same: “Our plants deserve the best.”

And what better way to pamper your plants than with high-quality materials that are durable, sustainable, and healthy for your plants and for you?

When “Getting What You Pay For” Spells Trouble

We’ve all heard the expression that “you get what you pay for”—but at the end of the day, what does that really mean, and how does it affect plant owners and enthusiasts?

Surprisingly—or not—the effects of cutting corners with your planters can range from annoying, to destructive, to even deadly.

1. Structural Durability

When you choose a planter or a pot that is made with cheap materials, you’re asking for a short-term solution with lasting problems.

This is especially a big issue for:

  • Plants that grew faster than you realized
  • Plants that require a lot of expose to water, heat, and/or sunlight
  • Plants with aggressive root systems

And the list goes on.

It’s just like buying a pair of shoes. You can buy one nice pair of shoes that last for the same amount of time in which you bought 10 poorly-made pairs.

And just like with the heel of a bad shoe coming off at the least convenient moment, a poorly-made planter can leave you with a crumbling mess on the floor in no time at all.

2. Unknown (and Potentially Dangerous) Materials

We’ve all heard about the dangers of chemicals leaching into the soil. And true plant aficionados know that some of their most precious, leafy lovelies need to maintain a very precise pH balance.

So why would you risk causing health and environmental concerns to your plants, yourself, and the earth-at-large?

When you purchase a planter with questionable material sources, you risk quite literally poisoning your world.

3. Inconsistent Quality

There’s nothing more irritating than trying to get anything in a matching set, only to discover (and never forget) that there are not-so subtle differences between the two (or more) items. No matter how factory-produced and identical two objects may seem, when you don’t invest in quality, you’re bound to find deviations.

If you’re purchasing your planters from a store or a supplier with limited inventory, there’s little that can be done to rectify the situation. And what’s more—you’re not dealing directly with anyone who truly cares.

The importance of consistency is especially true if you’re buying a series of planters to place in a row, but it can even be important for people who are going for a certain theme or aesthetic with their planting accessories. After all, if you buy two identical planters for your doorstep, one breaks, and you’re unable to replace it, you’re left with one lonely planter and not a whole lot of luck.

3 Major Issues That Made Our Clients See The Light

Even if you have spent your life up to this point not giving your plants the TLC they deserve, it’s never too late to make a change. In fact, many of our clients come to us after being fed up with inconsistency and problems, and wanting to make better investments in their plants’ futures.

Here are some of the top reasons why our clients have switched from budget planters to Pots Planters & More.

1. Drainage and other Quality Problems

Materials that weren’t made to last aren’t backed by guarantees. Pots Planters & More doesn’t play it like that. We are confident in our planting accessories, and we want you to place your trust in us.

Plants may come and go, but your planters and pots should stand the test of time. All of our fiberglass planters are backed by three-year warranties, so that you can feel comfortable with where you’re putting your plants, without the hassle of constant replacement.

And as for drainage, one of the issues that led many of our clients to us?

We’ve got you covered on that, too.

Feel free to contact and consult us while you’re in the ordering process—we can help you determine the drainage situation that fits your plants’ preferences.

2. Cracking, chipping, and peeling paint

This has been a major issue for some of our clients in the hospitality and restaurant industries—they rely on high-quality and durable materials, including paint, to help them make a good impression on guests, down to the last detail.

It’s one of the reasons we’re proud to send paint samples to our clients before they buy. Not only will you come away with the exact idea of how your planter will look when it arrives, but you’ll be able to feel the resistance of our materials.

3. “Not what I ordered”

Working with companies that put a standard on customer satisfaction is what you and your plants deserve. We’re here to deliver.

As you make important decisions for your spatial design and planter preference, we’re available and excited to walk you through each of the steps. There’s no question that we won’t answer, from pricing, to format, to size, and even compatibility with your choice of plants, so that you’re just as thrilled as we are when your order arrives.

For smart spending and saving, know where spending your money counts. And when it comes to your health, your plants, and the environment, it’s no question—choose quality over all else.

At Pots Planters & More, we’d be more than happy to explain why we think that your plants deserve the best we have to offer. Don’t be afraid to ask for our help. We’re always ready to assist you in finding the planting solution that fits your aesthetic and your budget.