Feeling Retro? Check Out these 5 Planter Styles with SERIOUSLY Vintage Vibes

Posted by Jason Wyrwicz on Jul 1st 2022

Who’s your style icon—Jackie O., Don and Peggy Draper, or Elizabeth Taylor?

No matter whether your inspo is fictional or factual, if you’re a fan of the retro aesthetic, you’re far from alone.

There are so many amazing sounds and visuals that bring us back to big-city chic and the summers of love. Smooth shapes, long lines, and bold bursts of color in unexpected places make us feel like we’re in the middle of a Pop Art painting—and over half a century later, it’s still groovy.

But why are we so obsessed with those looks from yesteryear?

The sixties are a representation of fun and fearlessness like we’ve never seen before or since. Styles pushed the envelope in ways that are still considered bold, even by today’s standards.

It was a new age, after all—and nobody wanted to be caught acting like their parents.

From fashion, to music, to decor, everyone was ready to break the mold. And designers were listening.

Today retro-chic gives off the same attitude it’s been serving for half a century, one that’s both classic and rebellious at the same time.

How can you pull off that retro vibe in your home?

Google “retro interiors”, and you’ll see right away that no vintage space is complete without multiple potted accessories.

You, my friend, have come to the right place.

If you’re looking to create retro in your own space, opt for classic shapes with long lines. Use solid colors to balance any wild vintage patterns you might want to throw in, or even to stand out in a totally neutral space.

And one of the things we love most about “retrovision”—and about what we create at Pots Planters & More—are the endless possibilities for pops of color. There’s nothing like a fun, bold planter as a statement piece in any part of your home, both indoors and out.

So, put down your copy of Rubber Soul, pause your reruns of Mad Men, and check out these five retro-chic planters that will make your space feel out of sight.

(And, by the way: We’ve given a color suggestion with each pick, but the sky’s the limit! That’s what the 60’s were all about, after all: Freedom to be you and me.)

1. The Corry Tall Cylinder Planter

Gorgeous, tall, and versatile, the tall cylinder shape of The Corry looks like something straight out of Peggy Draper’s home, and we are loving it. It embodies the aesthetic of long lines and simple shapes perfectly. And the best part? The Corry works like a charm in all areas of your abode.

We’ve been swooning over The Corry in Pink Mimosa for a look that’s straight out of your vintage Thunderbird and into 1960’s Manhattan, or just a little bit Miami. Go far out with kelly and olive greens and orange backdrop, or opt for a more subtle modern/retro crossover with some mint and cerulean accents.

2. The Peypin Tall Round Planter Pot

The elongated, sloping style of The Peypin combines the best of all forms, and the size makes it an absolute must if you’re looking for a true statement piece. The Peypin would have been todie for in any retro interior— but we’re lucky enough to present it to you now.

Choosing the Peypin in Matador Red gives you the chance to show off your love for a beautiful sunset. Complement that gorgeous deep red with yellow, orange, and pink tones for an endless, dreamy glow.

3. The Alzira Round Tapered Planter Pot

Round, bright, and out of sight, this demi-oval Alzira cutie is charming, both inside and out. We love to see the way our clients have styled The Alzira in every room—and every exterior—of their spaces. It’s just that fun!

Citric and bold yellows are an absolute staple for any and lovers of vintage looks. Lemon Yellow is an absolutely gorgeous look for The Alzira, and it brings us back to a certain submarine that would come about towards the end of the decade.

4. The Amsterdam Tapered Rectangle Planter

It’s not hip to be square—but it’s definitely hip to be rectangular. The Amsterdam brings it all together in a long, sleek rectangular form that’s slightly larger towards the top. If you’re getting inspired by pictures of vintage and retro interiors, don’t be surprised if you find a piece similar to this stunning design in more than one!

To really bring out the fab in the retro rectangular planter, we love The Amsterdam in Sapphire Blue and paired with gold accents, then grounded with beige tones for maximum impact without overwhelming the eye.

5. The Globe Round Pot Planter

Your house will be a hit all the way around (get it?) the block with the absolutely stunning spherical form that The Globe offers. This statement piece really channels the “space age” aesthetic that became popular as we raced our rivals to the moon and back.

With its round shape, The Globe doesn’t need much help standing out, so it’s best to choose a more neutral shade this time. We’d love to see The Globe in Cocoa Brown eitherin a room or on a patio, with a palette of wild rose and gold accents.

Nothing says swanky like a vintage makeover for the plants in your life, and we here at Pots Planters & More have got you covered.

And if you’re looking for more style inspiration, don’t hesitate to ask—we’re always excited to help you match the shapes and tones of your planters to achieve the perfect retro (or modern!) look.