Designing an Outdoor Dining Space with Planter Boxes as Centerpieces

Posted by Jason Wyrwicz on Apr 21st 2023

Creating an inviting outdoor dining space can be a challenge for many homeowners. Balancing comfort and functionality while also infusing your personal style can be a daunting task.

One way to create an aesthetically pleasing outdoor dining space is by using planter boxes as centerpieces. Large fiberglass planters are an excellent choice for this task, as they are both durable and versatile.

In this article, we will explore how to design an outdoor dining space with planter boxes as centerpieces.

Step 1: Assess Your Space

Before diving into the design process, it is essential to assess your space's size and layout. Take into account the number of visitors you anticipate, the size of your deck or patio, and the design of your house.

For instance, if your patio or deck is limited, you might only have place for a single, sizable fiberglass planter that can act as the focal point of your dining area.

In contrast, if you have a large outdoor area, you may need multiple planters to create an inviting atmosphere and designate different seating areas.

By taking the time to assess your space before incorporating large fiberglass planters, you can create a beautiful and functional outdoor dining space that fits your style and accommodates your guests.

                                            large fiberglass planters

Step 2: Choose Your Planters

There's a reason why, in this case, we recommend large fiberglass planters. Fiberglass planters offer several benefits that make them a popular choice for outdoor dining spaces.

First of all, their modest weight makes them simple to move and rearrange. This is essential if you plan to host sizable gatherings or events where you'll need to clear space for additional equipment, including tables and chairs.

Second, planters made of fiberglass can withstand extreme weather like heavy rain, gale-force winds, and baking sun. Because they are long-lasting and won't crack, fade, or warp with time, they make a great investment.

Thirdly, fiberglass planters are a versatile option for any design aesthetic because they come in a variety of sizes, designs, and colors. They can be painted in any color or finish to match the existing décor or to create a bold statement piece.

Lastly, fiberglass planters require minimal maintenance and are easy to clean. They don't require sealing or painting, and they can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or debris.

                     large fiberglass planters

Step 3: Select Your Plants

The type of plants you choose for your planter boxes will set the tone for your outdoor dining space. Consider plants that thrive in your area and can withstand the outdoor elements.

If you're not sure what types of plants would suffice, then here are some specific examples of how to use different types of plants in large fiberglass planters:

1. Succulents

Succulents are a popular choice for outdoor planters because they require minimal watering and maintenance. They also come in a variety of colors and textures, making them a great option for adding interest and dimension to your dining space. Consider using a mix of succulent varieties in your planters to create a unique and eye-catching display.

2. Herbs

Growing herbs in large fiberglass planters is a practical and functional choice for outdoor dining spaces. Not only do they add a pop of greenery and fragrance to your space, but you can also use them in your cooking. Herbs like basil, mint, and rosemary thrive in planters and can be easily accessed when you need to add some flavor to your dishes.

3. Flowers

Adding colorful flowers to your large fiberglass planters is an excellent way to create a lively and inviting atmosphere in your dining space. Choose blooms that complement your color scheme and that are suited to the climate in your area. For example, petunias and marigolds are great choices for sunny locations, while impatiens and begonias do well in shadier spots.

By selecting the right types of plants for your large fiberglass planters, you can create a beautiful and functional outdoor dining space that is tailored to your style and needs.

Step 4: Arranging Your Planters

Once you have selected your planters and plants, it is time to arrange them in your outdoor dining space. Here are some specific examples on how you can arrange your planters

                                  large fiberglass planter

1. Place them in a line

This is a popular way to arrange planters along the perimeter of a patio or deck. It creates a cohesive look and can help define the space. You can use planters of the same size and style for a uniform look or mix and match for a more eclectic vibe.

2. Form a cluster

This arrangement is perfect for creating a focal point in your outdoor dining space. Group several planters of varying sizes and shapes together, either on the ground or on a raised platform. This will add depth and interest to your space.

3. Gather them in a corner

If you have a corner in your outdoor dining space that feels empty or neglected, consider placing a large fiberglass planter there. Choose a planter that complements the style and color of your other planters to tie the space together.

                                     large fiberglass planter

4. Place them around a pergola or trellis

If you have a pergola or trellis in your outdoor dining space, consider placing planters around the base. This will soften the structure's lines and add color and texture to the space.

5. Use them as a centerpiece

If you have a large dining table, consider placing a cluster of planters in the center. This will create a beautiful focal point and add a natural element to your dining area.

Remember to take into account the size and shape of your dining table when arranging your planters. Be sure to leave enough space for guests to move around the table comfortably. And don't forget to vary the heights of your planters for added visual interest.

Step 5: Accessories

To complete your outdoor dining space, consider adding accessories to your large fiberglass planters. Items such as lanterns, candles, or decorative rocks can enhance the ambiance of your dining space. Be sure to choose accessories that complement your planters and the style of your home.

In conclusion, designing an outdoor dining space with planter boxes as centerpieces is an excellent way to add a touch of nature to your home.

Large fiberglass planters are an excellent choice for this task, as they are durable, versatile, and come in a range of styles.

By following the steps outlined in this article, you can create an inviting outdoor dining space that your guests will love.

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