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Synthetic Landscaping River Rocks

  • Synthetic Landscaping River Rocks
  • Synthetic Landscaping River Rocks Black
  • Synthetic Landscaping River Rocks Gray
  • Synthetic Landscaping River Rocks White
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  • Give your planters a modern, zeroscaped look
  • Lightweight, less than 1/3 the weight of natural stone
  • Available in a variety of four colors
  • 16 different shapes in each bag for a realistic display.

How to Use These Synthetic Landscaping River Rocks 

These beautiful, lifelike river rocks provide a modern, zeroscaped look, whether you’re decorating a lobby or creating an eye-catching outside space. This 5.5-pound bag can cover up to three square feet of space at a depth of one inch, making it a perfect choice for small planters (such as this Sheridan Low Rectangle Planter or this Walden Cube Planter) with minimal maintenance. Due to their synthetic nature, they don't stir up allergens or dust, making them an ideal alternative to natural dressings. 

These synthetic landscaping river rocks can also be used as drainage rocks to place under the soil. Choose from four natural-look colors.

Each bag includes a mix of 16 different shapes to give them a realistic and consistent display. Shipping is free.

Please note, these rocks will float in water.  Contact us to special order rocks for ground use that will not float.

Volume / Weight:

5 bags - Approximately 1 cubic feet of volume 

1/2 pallet (110 bags) - Approximately 22-23 cubic feet of volume  (0.85 cubic yards) ~605 lb (compared to 2210lb for stone)

1 pallet (220 bags) - Approximately 45-46 cubic feet of volume (1.7 cubic yards) ~1210 lb (compared to 4420lb for stone)

Tan Color Synthetic Rocks currently unavailable at this time. Restock TBD.

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