You Know, Just Some Really Cool Planters for Your Outdoor Space

Posted by Jason W on Apr 29th 2022

Cutting to the chase is one of my favorite things.

People who pull up to the drive thru and don’t need a minute to look at the menu? They’re the best.

1 day delivery? I’ll take it.

Massive blog intro with a fancy GIF, cat meme, or other fluffery? Not this time.

Let’s bypass the pizazz and just look at some…




that are *perfect*

for outdoor commercial spaces.

Bold contrast; perfect size and shape

A lot of hardscapes and outdoor architectural features lean on rigid lines and stark color palettes, but the right planter can make that drab space pop. Mix it up, make a statement, and add some contrasty notes with a Lima Tapered Square Planter.

Pattern power for the entrance or patio

Office building entrances are notorious for having large sections of glass, stone, or stucco. By combining 3-5 planters together, you give that area a visually creative pattern that’s eye-catching and tasteful. This Valencia Round Planter is perfect for patterns, has just the right balance of width and height, and you can even pick a custom color that stays on brand with your business.

Classy and down to earth

For more traditional commercial spaces, sometimes smaller accent planters are preferred. You could pair up a couple of these to guide traffic toward an entrance or highlight the charm of your historic building. Check out this understated set of Milano Narrow Planter Boxes.

Super-cool spiral vibe

This is such a fun planter, I don’t even want you to buy one because I want to keep them. Maybe I’ll backtrack there. I need to work on sharing. I mean who wouldn’t love this Spiral Distinctive Organic Planter Pot filled with some lush plants in their office? It gives of an eastern vibe that’s tranquil and fun at the same time.

“All… my… friends… know the low rider”

Cowbell fans unite.

Some commercial spaces and office buildings just don’t have a lot of green areas, grass, or plantable surfaces. Using a collection of plants that hang out right below window lines adds a creative touch and some life to concrete or stone spaces. Add to the view (inside and out) with long, Low Profile Planter Boxes - 12" Tall Collection.

Tall, slim, space saver

The Saint Tropez Tall Vase Planter Pot is sleek, stylish, and doesn’t hog floor space or deck space. You can pair a few different sizes to get the visual effect you’re looking for or enjoy a single planter accented with some taller plants like Snake Plants or shrubbery.

Clean lines

This Alzira Round Tapered Plant Pot is one of Pots, Planters & More’s most popular designs. It’s a mix of function and modern design that matches a variety of styles and spaces. Plus it comes in just about any color you can think of, it can take a heck of a beating, and matches a variety of furniture options.

Something different and exotic

Maybe you’re looking for something that will set your space apart? Check out this Marseille Low Bowl Planter. It’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces and is rugged enough to support small trees from Whoville.

High and mighty

Looking to break up an indoor office space? Go tall! Perth Tall Planter Boxes might do the trick. They’re sizable enough to block views, provide separation, and their tight lines are stylish and sleek.

Simple shape

On the surface this planter is probably one of the most simple shapes we offer. But tell me seeing this in orange isn’t awesome? With so many greys out there in office settings, you’re sure to make your space stand out with a vibrant orange Rio Grande Modern Cylinder Planter Pot.

Cool planters and more

Getting the right look and getting a quality outdoor planter? What’s not to love?

The cool thing too is that our planters *last* (not like those .0005 mm thick plastic “planters” from the home improvement store). You even get a warranty. Who does that? Are we crazy?

You can even customize these with America’s largest collection of color options

Shop now and customize till your heart’s content.