Tips and Tricks for Growing Plants in Containers

Posted by Jason Wyrwicz on Nov 12th 2021

Tips and Tricks for Growing Plants in Containers

Growing plants in containers rather than in the ground can give you control over the structure and style of your greenery. You can arrange plants in a way that works for your space, rather than being limited by suitable ground. Containers also give you the chance to bring the outside in with a biophilic design.

But if you’re new to container gardening, there can be a learning curve. Different plants have different needs, and if you want to create a thriving garden or indoor plant collection, you need to know how to pot, which planters to choose, when to water, and when to repot plants.

The good news is growing plants in containers doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right help and advice, you can nurture potted plants to their full beauty.

To help you get started, we’ve put together some tips and tricks on container gardening.

Choose Your Plants Wisely with Style and Maintenance in Mind

Some plants are well suited for being grown in a container. Others, not so much. Choosing the right plants for your pots is essential if you want greenery that’s stunning all year round,and perhaps most importantly, easy to maintain.

For example, using drought-tolerant plants can help you achieve a lush and beautiful garden in all seasons while minimizing the time you need to spend watering and reducing your environmental impact.

Find the Right Location for Your Potted Plants

One of the many benefits of a container garden is that plants can be moved around. This means you can make sure plants get the sunlight and shade they need.

So look into your plants’ ideal conditions and make sure you place them in spots that provide the right amount of shelter and sunlight.

Finding the right place for your plants can be the difference between lush and vibrant greenery and wilting, lifeless plants.

Make Sure Your Planters Are the Right Size

The size of your containers will have a direct impact on the success of your potted plants. Plants with too little space won’t get the nutrients they need. But too much space leaves plants at risk of over-watering. When plants are too small for their containers, there’s an abundance of soil that can retain excess water and cause root rot.

The last thing you need is a container that stunts plant growth — or worse, causes rotting. So choosing perfectly sized planters is a must. With pots that provide the right amount of space for your greenery, you can avoid common problems and keep your plants and garden healthy. Your shrubs will get the nutrients they need to thrive, and they’ll grow at a steady rate.

Choose Planters Made from Suitable Materials

There are all kinds of containers made from different materials for different uses. If your plants are being grown outdoors, you need a container that can withstand the weather in your area. Your pots might need to cope with direct sunlight, heavy rainfall, and cold temperatures. Therefore, the material of your containers will have a significant impact on durability.

Wooden planters may rot in wet conditions, while terracotta pots typically crack and crumble in cold temperatures. If you’re looking to create an outdoor container garden, fiberglass is one of the best materials for outdoor planters.

Find pots, planters, and more on our online store and create a beautiful, thriving container garden or collection of indoor plants. We have containers for every plant and all environments. And if you need help selecting containers, we’re happy to help. Just give us a call on (855) 627-1066 or drop us an email at

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