More Than Just a Planter: 5 Tips to Get More from Large Planters

Posted by Jason Wyrwicz on Apr 25th 2022

The most obvious use for a large planter is, well, obvious. Put a plant in it and enjoy!

But do you ever struggle with creative ideas for your hard-to-decorate space?

Or maybe there is just a ton of random stuff everywhere. You want it all to go away, but you actually still need it, too. You can’t trash it. What do you do?

Big planters aren’t just for big plants anymore.

They come in so many sizes, shapes, colors, materials, and variations, you can use them for just about anything.

Check out these 5 tips for getting more from large planters.

Tip #1: Rock features for patios and more

Patios and outdoor hardscapes are the perfect places for getting together around fire pits, bougie-blue-flame-gas-fireplaces (for some reason Miami, ocean breezes, and cocktails come to mind), and pedestrian stuff like outdoor grilling on gameday.

Why not make your place even more fun and inviting with some cool, wide, box planters filled with stones and rocks of your choice? Choose color-altered peebles, small glass pebbles, smooth river rocks, or for a more rugged look, try natural rocks with sharp edges.

You could also mix and match plants and rocks with contrasting colors (i.e. use a bright green plant with white stones around the base), or find some plants that like arid environments to create a serene mini-desert around your oasis.

Tip #2: Super stylish storage options

Off-the-shelf storage options not working for you? Regardless of what you see at the big box stores, not everything has to be beige, off-beige, black, or white.

What if you want color? Or what if you’re trying to match your storage options to a new patio set?

If customization is your thing, it sure would be great to be able to pick the materials, shapes, and colors you really want instead of going with what the guy in the orange vest suggests. We literally have America’s largest color range (90+), commercial grade finishes that actually last, and shapes and sizes that are sure to work with your palette and storage needs.

Trying to make an indoor space like a great room, living room, kitchen, or anywhere else look great and stay organized?

Large planters can be the perfect solution.

Think about that massive pile of blankets and pillows. They could stay on the couch, fighting off every would-be sitter, or you could get a large planter that perfectly matches the rest of the living room, drape your favorite blanket over the side, and nest your pillows in there as well. Now you can actually sit on the couch and get to the blankets when you need them (plus the thing that stores them looks great).

We think you shouldn’t have to settle for something that works but doesn’t match your style.

Tip #3: Waterscapes with form and function

Many large planters are water tight, making them the perfect vessels for creative waterscapes. Try adding a dark colored sand or dark pebbles to the bottom and drop in a few aquatic plants for a dramatic effect.

Or don’t use plants at all. Try floating candles or just enjoy the reflections.

Get creative with some cheap supplies and caulking to create a cascading effect from one planter level to several others.

You could even combine rock and water features inside a collection of planters to really make your space stand out.

Tip #4: Fake plants 4-EVA! (this blog is a no-shame zone)

Not ready to go all in on the care and maintenance large plants require?

No problem. Lots of people would love to have large potted plants for their indoor or outdoor spaces, but shy away when they learn about how much work it actually takes to care for plants.

Release yourself to get a fake plant. It’s ok. There are tons of great options out there that look beautiful, you don’t have to worry about pruning, soil conditions, lighting, watering, etc. And you can’t kill them, so there’s that.

One pro tip: dust them every now and then.

Tip #5: Heavy-duty, hard workin’ planter options

While they can be stylish and highly customizable, sometimes you need something sturdy that can hold up to some abuse (while still looking ok and complying with your HOA rules, right?).

And rusting is a no-go, so something that can stand up to rain and snow without leaving a nasty red ring on the concrete would be ideal. That’s where a fiberglass or aluminum planter could come in handy. You could even try a faux stone finish to blend in with the scenery.

Maybe you need to store pool toys, gardening supplies, pet items, or something gross that needs to stay outside. You can store it neatly in a large planter - out of sight and out of mind.

Get the right large planter for your space

One word of caution: not all large planters are created equal. If you’re looking for style, function, and durability, we think you’ll find it here. Check out our selection and get creative.