Hip to Be Square: Why Rectangular Vases Are Anything BUT Boring

Posted by Jason Wyrwicz on Sep 2nd 2022

Now that we’ve spent a couple of weeks staying up with the Internet (and planter) trends, it’s time to take things back to the old school.

It’s not super common to hear anymore, but calling someone a “square” dates back to the jazz revival of the 1940s and still exists in certain circles today. Referring to someone, or something, as “square” was a death sentence to egos across the American nation for multiple decades. Basically, if you’re a square, you’re bo-ring.

But with no disrespect to our pop culture forefathers, we’re going to have to disagree. And we have more than a few square and rectangular planters to prove it.

The square is a severely underestimated design element, especially when it comes to landscaping and plant accessories. We’ve probably even been taking it for granted! But now it’s time to give the square its due.

Let’s take a peek at some of the benefits of square planters and appreciate some of our favorite angular examples here at Pots Planters & More.

Why We Love Square (and Rectangular) Planters

Upon examining all of the angles (get it?), it’s not difficult to see why the square planter reigns supreme.

  • They can be as subtle or “statement” as you need them to be.

Square planters are a universal design choice for any level of visibility, both indoor and outdoor. Want to keep the focus on the plants? Done. Want the plants to create ambience without saying much of anything? The square planter’s got you there, too. Want your plants, or your planters, to shine? Count on the square to make a statement.

We love seeing the ways that our clients have used the same models of square planters both as a nearly-invisible, utilitarian option and as the central element of their decorative tableaus.

With square planters, the world is your oyster.

  • They are flawlessly used in multiples.

Some of our newer clients come in wary of using multiple, repeating elements in their plant-based decoration. Square planters help to ease that fear in an instant.

We love the clean, fluid look of square planters in a series, no matter how large or small the spacing. It’s an uninterrupted, unintimidating design element that can bring an appealing note of pattern to any space.

And the best part?

Square planters used with very little distance in between them can work double-time as a barrier, creating a pleasant floral wall between outdoor eating or entertainment and the outside world.

Your cylindrical planters could never.

  • They are somehow both classic and modern.

You won’t be surprised to have found square planter elements in our retro-appreciation blog post—but you’d likewise feel totally comfortable seeing them in articles about modern design and decoration. That’s because, as we mentioned earlier, the square as a design element is timeless.

No matter how you choose to shape the aesthetic of your space, you’ll find other shapes and accessories that simply work with a square planter.

It’s not a question of trying to pair one of our more “hip” or “out-there” designs with your existing decorations, but rather a question of bringing plant-centric harmony into your space, no matter what the inspiration.

Square planters are here to stay.

Our Top 3 Favorite Square Planters

While we had any number of excellent square and rectangular pots and planters to choose from, we chose three of our favorites as our highlight pieces for the week.

These three squares, and rectangles, are truly anything but boring. They work overtime as design and/or landscaping elements, can stand alone or in a series, and add a classy, sophisticated air to any space.

What we love most of all, though, is that each of these square designs come in all of the sizes and colors that Pots Planters & More is proud to offer.

1. Montroy Cube

The Montroy is the perfect solution to add a splash of squareness to your life. And boy, it doesn’t get much more square than this.

Inside or outside, corporate or personal, bold or understated, The Montroy does it all. It’s hard to find the level of versatility that this square fiberglass planter offers in every aspect. It makes plants look great, and it makes your space look even better.

We personally love to see The Montroy used as a singular design element, or as a pair, and presented in an eye-catching color. Why not give Matador Red a try.

2. Pearson Large Aluminum

The Pearson is more than simply a chic shape—it’s a heavy-duty ambience creator. We love guiding our clients to The Pearson to create an element of privacy and mystery to their outdoor spaces, no restrictive walls required.

If you’re not as familiar with our metal collections, you’re in for a treat. Not only do they give a sophisticated, clean look to any outdoor space, but they’re even more weather-resistant than you’d expect.

And before you say that there’s no way that a metal square can give that much, you should check out the finishes that we have available. The Tuscan Suede would be an absolutely unforgettable option.

3. Britz Square Column

One word to describe The Britz? Sleek.

This elongated rectangular planter is a little outside-the-lines compared with our other two picks, but it only makes us appreciate The Britz even more. Who says that squares can’t be unique?

The Britz is an absolutely stellar choice for a singular accent piece. It’s also ideal for a series of widely-spaced planters running the length of a hallway or exterior.

In short, the Britz does it all. And since this avant-garde design speaks for itself, we’ll take 10 in Antique White, thanks.

We think it’s more than clear by now, but there’s more to “square” than meets the eye. Being “square” is multifunctional, intemporal, and just plain cool.

You can’t go wrong with any of Pots Planters & More’s square or rectangular options. But if you need any tips on how to make your space a little more square, we’re more than happy to give you a hand.