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Large Rectangular Planter Boxes

Why browse our large rectangular planters?

  • Large Format Planters – Sizes you will not find at a big box store
  • Define Space – Substantial size can create an instant focal point or act as the centerpiece of a new design
  • Not Just Basic – Over 20 colors and finishes to compliment your design
  • Envy Of The Block – Modern, clean lines and minimalist design complements contemporary and urban decor

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Why buy our rectangular planter boxes?

  • 3 Year Warranty – Our fiberglass reinforced resin planters are designed for
  • Quick Turnaround – We stock thousands of unfinished planters so we can turn your order around in 1-2 weeks
  • Local Finishing – We finish all of our planters in the United States making sure you get the quality you deserve

We know how to manufacture and finish planters.  For something that seems quite simple on the surface there are many ways to cut corners and make the planters cheap.

Each planter is manufactured with a precise and repeatable Bill of Materials with over 10 quality checks throughout the entire manufacturing process from receiving in the raw resin, to applying the final finish.

Our large planters are designed & engineered to be lasting pieces of furniture that can be the statement piece of your design or a tasteful accent that blends into the background.

The UV resistant automotive grade finish gives you a stunning piece of furniture that will maintain its beauty for years with proper cleaning and maintenance.

We specialize in making and finishing planters.  Know that you are in good hands with our team working hard to make your vision come to reality and your project finish on time and within budget.

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