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Cambridge Self-Watering Tapered Round Planter Pot

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Cambridge Tapered Planter Pots

Our Cambridge Tapered Planter Pot provides an eye-catching contemporary option with the class and character of the classic tapered pot. In the Cambridge Tapered Planter Pot, you have a dynamic centerpiece in both commercial and residential settings. 

With four neutral tones, the Cambridge Tapered Planter Pot can also take a back seat to other design features, and can take pride of place when grouped, lined up, or used to flank a doorway or window.

Why Buy Cambridge Tapered Planter Pots? 

Made of durable, weather-resistant roto-molded resin plastic and available in 4 UV resistant colors, there is an option to suit your design and purpose. 

State-of-the-art construction means that the Cambridge Tapered Planter Pot is as comfortable placed outdoors as it is holding its own as a key part of interior design. It has been designed to resist all harsh weather conditions year-round without fear of cracking or chipping. UV inhibitors are added to our resin to ensure your planters look like new for decades to come.

Say goodbye to top watering as the internal water tank means that on average a refill only occurs every 2-3 weeks. An internal overflow protects from over-watering, and a pre-installed internal wicking assembly delivers continuous, measured moisture from the reservoir to your plant's root system.

Our Range of Cambridge Tapered Planter Pots

The Cambridge Tapered Planter Pot is available in three sizes and 4 different beautiful stone-effect finishes that can be restored to like-new condition with basic cleaning methods.  

The smallest size, at 21” tall, is large enough to draw the eye in any setting, but small enough to adorn an office or reception area. The 31” is a great option to mix and match with other sizes and designs, whilst the biggest of the three sizes, at 36” high, is a substantial planter capable of effectively flanking an entryway in grandiose style or occupying the corner of a room or patio. For an eye-catching combination, the three can be used together to add significant expression and character at various heights.

The Cambridge Tapered Planter Pot is equally at home in commercial areas and residential locations. Made of premium polyethylene, it boasts unparalleled durability, excellent versatility, and easy maintenance year round.

Benefits of Self-Watering Planters

Our self-watering planters produce superior plant growth while reducing labor costs, fuel & water usage 50-80% over traditional maintenance of outdoor planters. With our system, the planters arrive ready to use, no separate parts, no wicks or wicking material to install. Just fill, plant and install.

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Dimensions & Weights

LFUV.21 — 21″D x 18″H — 17.5″D Opening — 13 lbs

LFUV.31 — 31″D x 25.75″H — 25″D Opening — 23 lbs

LFUV.41 — 41″D x 36″H — 35.5″D Opening — 48 lbs

Drainage: Internal water tank with overflow valve.

Material: Rotational Molded Resin Plastic.

Finish: Choose from 4 UV and weather resistant finishes to fit your design.

Need help choosing your Cambridge Tapered Planter Pots?

Get in touch with our customer service team today. Our friendly agents are happy to help. Why not ask about our wholesale planters program? 

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