How to Use Outdoor Planters in Commercial Locations

Posted by Jason Wyrwicz on Dec 16th 2019

When a customer visits a business, one of the first things they notice is the exterior of the building. While you may not have total control over the other elements of the exterior, you can certainly spruce up your business exterior with some well-placed outdoor planters. Whether for a restaurant, shopping center, or other commercial location, these suggestions will help you make the most of the location with this pleasing element of design.

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Frame Doorways

One of the best ways to use outdoor planters for commercial spaces is to frame a doorway. This is a simple addition with a pretty substantial payoff. It helps to direct customers to the main entrance of the building while also serving as an easy way to add a touch of flowers or greenery to what is probably an otherwise cold setting. Many building exteriors are rather cold since they are just brick or concrete but adding planters by the front entrance adds an inviting beauty anyone can appreciate. Another reason to frame the doorway with outdoor planters is that it can help set the décor standard. While some locations are lacking in their attention to the smaller details, your business will stand out from the moment the customer reaches the front entrance.

Line a Walkway

Another great way to use outdoor planters to your advantage is to line a walkway. This creates a pleasing aesthetic to what would otherwise be just another boring sidewalk and leaves a memorable impression in the minds of customers. It can also help with marking a clear path to the main entrance if your location has more than one entrance. The planters can be placed along the main entrance pathway intended for customers which leaves the other entrance more for the staff. Lining a walkway with planters is an easy way to up the appearance and direct customers in a seamless manner.

Signify Changing Seasons

If you live in a climate where the change of seasons is a state of mind and not necessarily indicative of the weather conditions, you can use planters to mark the seasons. This is one of the most common uses for commercial outdoor planters in states where the climate is pretty consistent. To signify fall in these warmer states, many businesses use fall colors of red, orange, and yellow in their planters to give a fall vibe while winter brings red poinsettias and white sweet alyssums. In the spring, pastel blooms are a great way to ring in the season while summer may boast wild colors of tropical flowers. The use of planters to signify the changing seasons can make your business stand out in the minds of customers throughout the year and gives you a chance to display several different floral arrangements.

Showcase Windows

Windows are a great asset to a commercial location for a few reasons. While they serve purposes from letting in natural light to showing off merchandise for window shopping, windows can be a bit boring in general which is where planters come in. The use of window box planters allows your business to spruce up this otherwise boring aspect from the outside. It is easy to add pretty flowers in planters placed along windows for a colorful flourish. You can also add this type of planter to create a bit of privacy in seating near the window with the use of leafy plants.

Tips for Choosing Planters

When choosing the right commercial outdoor planters for your business, there are a few important matters to keep in mind. These tips on choosing the right planters will make it easier than ever to master this aspect of your location.

  • Make a plan. When choosing planters, it is important to have a plan before you shop. You will need to make a plan consisting of how many planters you need, the growing depths required for the chosen plants/flowers, the size of the planters both in height and width, and where you will place them. When you have this information at the ready, it will make shopping for planters easy.
  • Consider durability. These planters will be outside year round in all sorts of weather and in constant sunshine. You want to consider the durability in terms of how long the planter will last, but also how it will maintain its appearance. A business with cracked or faded pots out front can deter customers in a major way. A good choice is to opt for durable materials such as fiberglass or metal for a long-lasting choice. If you can choose an option with UV ray resistant coating to avoid color loss, that is also a smart choice in the long run.
  • Play with shapes. The use of shapes can help break up the monotony of the space and breathe new life into dull areas. Rounded shapes are playful and friendly while square or rectangle shapes can create a modern look that is a bit more dramatic. The right shape will depend on the vibe of your location and the available space. For example, a narrower walkway would benefit more from elongated rectangle planters than rounded designs that stick out a bit more over the walkway space.
  • Use bold colors. If your restaurant or business has a color scheme in place, you can easily add this element with the use of matching colors for the planters. Even if you don't have a dedicated color scheme in place, you can still use this smaller detail to bring some vibrant color to the mix. When looking to create a youthful or exciting vibe, try planters in fresh colors such as red, yellow, or pink. For a more sophisticated approach, consider modern hues of charcoal gray, white, merlot, or black.

Adding planters to your restaurant, store, or other retail location goes a long way in upping the appeal to customers. With our tips at the ready, make sure your business is always ready to impress with this simple yet impactful element.

For a look at how to maximize this element in a hotel setting, check out our resource on Using Outdoor Planters in Hotel Landscaping.

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