How To Decorate With Planters In Your Home Or Business

Posted by Jason Wyrwicz on Jul 12th 2019

Planters are much more than receptacles for plants – chosen carefully, they're essential design elements and can be as important an investment as art and furniture. The right planter accents and complements a space's unique style.

Here are some ideas for adding style and natural beauty to your space, indoors or out, with our selection of high-quality designer planters:

  • Look for blank spaces: tabletops or counter spaces that are flat or dull spring to life with the addition of small planters.
  • Play the odds: it is best to place groupings of planters in odd numbers—one, three, or five together—to keep it interesting. Also, a variation in sizing lends towards a more artistic approach. Nesting is an effective technique of grouping a small, medium, and large pot together. By placing the largest planter towards the back, the rest will gracefully fall into place.
  • Fill empty corners with texture or hide unattractive spots in your home or business with well-placed planter boxes or tall, tapered shapes. Exposed pipes or peeling edges are easily camouflaged behind shiny leaves or painted blooms.
  • Dress up a boring wall with rows of planters, bringing much-needed interest and depth. Try a line of matching pots for symmetry or change it up by playing with different shapes and colors.
  • Hallways typically leave much to be desired, but with the beauty of planters you can carry the tranquility of nature from room to room. Or turn a simple staircase into a showcase by placing planters on the steps in alternating colors.
  • For a modern design, browse our cube and trough shapes. Planted with tall grass or hedges, these make an idyllic separating screen.
  • If vintage or classic is more your style, the softer rounded pots, many with graceful tapering, will carry your theme perfectly.
  • Add drama to a doorway with tall planters or nod towards quaintness with small pots lining a windowsill.

Our artisan containers come in an array of choices to fit any style or theme, and the durability of our planters will allow them to grow with your style over the years, even when used outdoors. Our crafted planters, combined with the beauty of nature, bring high style to any home or work environment.

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